How to speed up your MacBook without overheating it. Basic Macbook maintenance is necessary to keep it in top-notch condition.
So, you are a proud owner of a MacBook, every once in a while, everyone faces the problem of overheating, lag, & another performance issue. In this article, we will show you how you can keep your MacBook in top notch condition for a Snappy performance.
First and foremost, the big question, why do computers get slow, & Overheat. The problem has persisted for years yet we haven’t come up with a system that maintains itself and does not get’s overheated.

How to Speedup your Macbook

The answer to this question is rather simple, over the years the computing per square nanometer has increased considerably. More and more components are being shrunk to fit more components on board. This creates more heat because there are simply more semiconductors per square nanometer.
There are always heat sink mechanism but they all use copper and aluminum alloys, these eventually develop metal fatigue & lose their heat conductance in course of time.  Also, there is not much has been done in the field of heat sink par say.

Macbook Performance Issues

There are basically three performance Issues that Macbook faces, and you probably had them too.
1. Macbook Upper deck Overheating
2. Lag, or Slow Response

Overheating Macbook ( Upper Deck)

There are various reasons for this, the cause of overheated deck is either RAM or SSD / HDD. In any case, you have to bring this heat dissipation from upper deck to side where the fan is.

The major reasons for this issue are 

  1. Multiple software running at once
  2. Multiple Browsers tabs/windows are opened
  3. Video / Audio / Gaming or any computing intensive application like Android Studio, Adobe Photoshop or any other of their products is running.
  4. A hardware fault is causing overheat in RAM and Storage.
  5. Heat sink passageway is blocked.
Macbook Heatsink Passageway
Macbook Heatsink Passageway

How to solve Overheating problem in Mac

  1. Close any unnecessary windows, applications, software & browser tabs.
  2. Elevate your Laptop to vent heat from the bottom.
  3. Keep the lid of your laptop open while cooling it down.
  4. Make sure shut down the laptop before placing it in a bag.
  5. Never charge a laptop with closed lid.

This will let your laptop to sink heat more efficiently.

Apple Batterygate Scandal

Lag & Slow response of Macbook

Any computer, not just MacBook, runs slowly when there are More processes running than the system can handle keeping the performance optimal.

First, we need to diagnose this problem, Go to Activity Monitor (You can open activity monitor by pressing command + Space and typing Activity monitor)

There are five different tabs on the top viz. CPU, Memory, Energy, Disk & the Network. The system is slow either due to heavy CPU usage or heavy memory usage. See which process is hogging maximum amount of CPU or Memory, If the said process is showing amber red in color that means that it is indeed hogging space. Especially if a process is hogging 70% or more CPU, then it means that it is a runaway app, and it’s caught in an infinite loop. Just right-click it and terminate it.

Activity Monitor : How to terminate a process
Activity Monitor: How to terminate a process

You can search the Internet for this process and terminate that process or the software associated with that process, provided, it’s safe to do so. Make sure you terminate non-root process only.

The second solution is, of course, to increase your RAM and Use an SSD instead of HDD.

Make sure you ignore processes that have “root” listed as the user column and focus on applications running from your user account. Don’t quit ‘root’ processes.

WARNING: Do not install apps/software that claims to increase your CPU speed/ or mac performance. These are generally bloatware and do not work at all. Instead, they will send your personal information to advertisers.

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