Get a Cheap Windows 10 for as low as $3, no need to buy a hefty price tagged OS from Microsoft, follow this article. 

1 Get Genuine Windows 10 for as low as $ 3

You can own a legitimate windows 10 for as low as $3. There are sources which can let you have a Windows 10 Operating System, 100 % legal, No catch whatsoever.

SO, you build your PC and now you need an OS, preferably a Windows 10 Pro, you go to Microsoft’s website in order to buy a Genuine Microsoft Windows 10. But to your utter surprise following are the licensing rates for a LEGITIMATE WINDOWS 10

  • Windows 10 Home costs about $ 120 per licence ,
  • Windows 10 Pro costs about $ 200 per license,
  • Windows 10 Pro for Workstation costs about $ 309 per license,

You probably wished for a genuine OS every now and then, you probably own one. But this article is for people who want to own a Windows 10 OS, or multiple Windows 10 without buying super expensive licence for each system.

2 Retail vs. OEM License

There are two types of Licenses that Microsoft releases, you need to understand difference between these two types because if you care about a genuine license you should know what you are buying.

  • Retail MS License for Windows 10: A retail license is something that MS sells directly or through their partner vendors. If you have a retail license then you will get future security updates, free support & bug fixes for your OS. Catch is that these licenses are expensive, these have same price as we mentioned above ($120 ~ $ 310).
  • A OEM License is granted to OEM Manufacturers, OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturers like Toshiba, Samsung, Sony, Sager, Dell , HP etc. These licenses are granted to OEMs so that they can cut costs of PCs and Laptops to end user. The OEM License for a standard Windows 10 is 30% cheaper, but you won’t get free support from Microsoft and chances are that you won’t be upgraded to next version of Windows until the OEM cuts a deal with MS.

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3 Can’t upgrade from Windows 7 & windows 8.1 to Windows 10

Windows 10 is darn expensive, the Free Upgrade to win 10 from Windows 7 and 8.1 has expired. Also windows 7 and 8.1 are no longer for sale, therefore even if you wanted to revert back to windows or 8.1, you can’t because Microsoft won’t let you.

And you are not only one with this dilemma, there are many like you.

So, How can you get a genuine Windows 10 OS

There are two ways you can get a genuine Windows 10 legally.

First is that you buy it from Microsoft, spend $ 100 ~ $ 310 and own it.

Second is you buy it from someone who previously owned a Windows 10 license and no longer needs windows for their own reasons. And there are plenty of people who will sell it to you.

We have scrounged the WWW for such legitimate or near legitimate sources for buying license. Before you buy a license, you need to download Windows 10 from Microsoft as trial version. Then activate your copy by buying these licenses.

Disclaimer : These licenses may not work , most of these are legitimate as per tens of thousands of user reviews, but we take no responsibilty for these keys, and their legitimacy. You should do your research before buying these keys.

4 Sources for buying Windows 10 License Key

4.1 eBay

The eBay is a great resource for people who are willing to take some risks for good things. But even before we begin let me warn you, there are some fake license out there like there are faulty / fake products for sale on eBay.

I found a license key for as low as $ 3 to a license key as high as $ 20.

There are both good and bad reviews, so I suggest you to make sure :

  • You read buyer’s review before buying.
  • The Seller has return / replacement policy.
  • Rating of Seller is high ( for me high is & 80%+ positive feedback, that’s 4* or more)
  • How will you will get the license key? Generally seller sends it in eBay message and in your mailbox.

4.2 Kinguin

The Kinguin is eBay like marketplace for digital assets, like Games, Softwares, Licenses, Simulations and lots more. Good thing about Kinguin is that it is very ruthless in it’s rating system, and they are very diligent in filtering out fake products. On top of that they have a very good customer support so you are not left stranded.

There are reviews that indicate, people often buy License keys from Microsoft, didn’t got their copy activated, got frustrated with Microsoft and eventually bought license from Kinguin.

Only catch is that the price for license is little bit more than eBay, ( $ 27 USD minimum price for a license of Windows 10 PRO).

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Before you buy a License you should know the difference between Win 10 Home, Pro, and Pro for workstations

Difference Between different licenses of Windows 10

Windows TypeWin 10 HomeWin 10 ProWin 10 Pro for workstations
CostUSD 120USD 200USD 310
Create and join a domain (work network)NoYesYes
BitLockerNoYesYes and More
Group policy managementNoYesWay More ( Like a Server)
Remote DesktopNoYesHell Yes
Hyper-VNoYesYou don’t say,
it puts Hyper in Hyper V
Assigned AccessNoYesYes
Enterprise Mode Internet ExplorerNoYesYes
Windows Store for BusinessNoYesYes
Trusted BootNoYesYes
Windows Update for BusinessNoYesYes
Max supported RAM128GB2TB2TB but soon it will support 6TB (who has 2 TB Ram?)
Fast StartupYesYesYes
Gaming SupportMixed Reality, 4K Gaming, Direct X 12 Graphics, Mixer Broadcasting, Game ModeSameYou can, but why would you? It’s a workstation!
File SystemNTFS, FAT 32, NFSNTFS, FAT 32, NFSØ ReFS (Resilient File System) – Fault Tolerant
Ø Persistent Memory (supports NVDIMM-N memory by NVIDIA)
Ø Faster Access to Remote Direct Memory Access network adapters through SMB Direct.
ProcessorsConsumer Grade Processors like Intel I seriesConsumer grade CPUs with some Xeons are supported, not high end Xeon and AMD like Opteron are supported.Xeon & AMD Opteron processors, with up to 2~4 CPUs & 2TB ~ 6 TB

So, try these outs and let us know how was your experience.

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