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Hacking group Orangeworm hits Hospitals worldwide, A Symantec Report

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Security and Antivirus company Symantec discovered a new breed of Trojan attack, the Orangeworm. The attack has been observed worldwide and mainly targeting imaging machines.


As indicated by another report distributed by Symantec on Monday, the Orangeworm hacking Organization has been dynamic since mid-2015 and focusing on frameworks of real worldwide organizations situated in the United States, Europe, and Asia with an essential spotlight on the medicinal services division.

This is not first time a massive attack has transpired on hospitals, before this Ransomware hit the medical industry real hard. 

The Orangeworm Attack

Security analysts have revealed another hacking Organization that is forcefully focusing on social insurance associations and related areas over the globe to direct corporate undercover work.

In view of the rundown of known casualties, Orangeworm does not choose its objectives haphazardly or direct deft hacking. Or maybe, the gathering seems to pick its objectives painstakingly and intentionally, leading a decent measure of arranging before propelling an assault.

Countries Affected by OrangeWorm
Source : Symantec

As indicated by Symantec telemetry, very nearly 40 percent of Orangeworm’s affirmed casualty associations work inside the human services industry. The Kwampirs malware was found on machines which had programming introduced for the utilization and control of cutting edge imaging gadgets, for example, X-Ray and MRI machines. Also, Orangeworm was seen to have an enthusiasm for machines used to help patients in finishing assent frames for required methodology. The correct intentions of the gathering are hazy.

Sectors Affected Source : Symantec

It is expected that goal of orange worm is not mere people but organization, or something more ulterior. Orangeworm’s auxiliary targets incorporate Manufacturing, Information Technology, Agriculture, and Logistics.

While these ventures may have all the earmarks of being disconnected, we discovered them to have numerous connects to social insurance, for example, extensive makers that create therapeutic imaging gadgets sold specifically into human services firms, IT associations that offer help administrations to medicinal centers, and strategic associations that convey medicinal services items.

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Named “Orangeworm,” the hacking Organization has been discovered introducing a wormable Trojan on machines facilitating programming utilized for controlling innovative imaging gadgets, for example, X-Ray and MRI machines, and machines used to help patients in finishing assent frames.

In the wake of getting into the casualty’s network, aggressors introduce a Trojan, named Kwampirs, which opens a secondary passage on the traded off PCs, enabling assailants to remotely get to hardware and take delicate information.

It’s not like iPhone’s security flaw but a live code pushed into the open internet. Most interesting part of the whole facade is that it is primarily targeting imaging systems.

While decoding, the Kwampirs malware embeds a haphazardly produced string into its principle DLL payload trying to avoid hash-based recognition. The malware additionally begins an administration on the bargained frameworks to continue and restart after the framework reboots.

Information gathering

At this point, the attackers proceed to gather as much additional information about the victim’s network as possible, including any information pertaining to recently accessed computers, network adapter information, available network shares, mapped drives, and files present on the compromised computer.

We have observed the attackers executing the following commands within victim environments:

No hallmarks of a nation-state actor

While Orangeworm is known to have been dynamic for no less than quite a while, we don’t trust that the gathering bears any signs of a state-supported on-screen character—it is likely crafted by an individual or a little gathering of people. There are at present no specialized or operational pointers to discover the starting point of the gathering.


Symantec clients are ensured against Orangeworm and Symantec has likewise endeavored endeavors to inform recognized focuses of its tasks.

Clients with Intelligence Services or WebFilter-empowered items are ensured against movement related with the Orangeworm gathering. These items include:

  • Web Security Service (WSS)
  • ProxySG
  • Advanced Secure Gateway (ASG)
  • Security Analytics
  • Content Analysis
  • Malware Analysis
  • SSL Visibility
  • PacketShaper
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Symantec has the following specific detection in place for tools used by Orangeworm:

Commands used by Orangeworm
Source Symantec

Anti-virus (AV):

Intrusion prevention system (IPS):

  1. System Infected: Trojan.Kwampirs Activity
  2. System Infected: Trojan.Kwampirs Activity 2
  3. System Infected: Trojan.Kwampirs Activity 4

Indicators of Compromise

  • Sample dropper hashes
    Dropper Hash
    Source : Symantec


  • Sample payload DLL hashes
    Payload Hash
    Source Symantec
  • Sample C&Cs
    Orangeworm Command and Control | Source Symantec
  • Sample configuration file names
    orangeworm configuration
    Source Symantec
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Kwampirs at that point gathers some essential data about the compromised systems and send it to the assailants to a remote summon and-control server, utilizing which the gathering decides if the hacked framework is utilized by a specialist or a high-esteem target. This behaviour is much like Kedi Rat Trojan.

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