The Toshiba America Foundation has committed $ 95,000 Grant money for 25 STEM projects in US schools. The grant money will cover grades 6 ~ 12 in the USA only.

Toshiba America Foundation
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Toshiba America Foundation’s STEM grant

The US program for education STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) has attracted a Grant of US $95,000.

Toshiba America Foundation is a non-profit agency founded in 1990, it is a sub-agency of Toshiba Corporation and Toshiba America Group Companies.

Toshiba America Foundation helps classroom teachers make STEM learning fun and successful for K to 12 students in U.S. schools. TAF grants support public and nonprofit private schools throughout the United States.

USA has this innovative new system of education called STEM, in which students are encouraged to learn and perform in various fields and subfields of Science, Tech, Engineering, Maths, Biology, Genetics, and Engineering etc.
Children will be encouraged to innovate in their respective areas of the STEM. Toshiba Foundation intends to address issues that directly concern society and civilization.

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These areas include water quality, flood prevention, watershed protection, GMO pros and cons, Robotics, 3-D printing and a lot more.

Toshiba in their news article stated an example of St. Dominic School. The students from St. Dominic will get benefitted by grant, the students are working on a 3D printed map using Mobile technology and 3D mapping to protect the wetlands & parks in their community.

“TAF grants provide teachers with the tools they need to be more effective educators. The grants make the STEM classroom more exciting for both teachers and students.” – TAF President, John Anderson.

Direct To Teacher Approach

The Toshiba America Foundation has a simple design. Grant’s administrator is the teacher, more like an evangelist. The Teachers will design a program that promotes STEM researchers and interest in students. The direct outcome should be positive for both society & students.

The Direct to Teacher approach brings immediate results as teachers are a single point of contact for student’s queries. STEM has already a very good and guided curriculum and the Toshiba America Foundation’s grant will aid students for types of equipment, and other resources which Government and City cannot usually provide.

If you are a STEM educator and if you are interested in applying for a grant you can do so by visiting following links

K-5 TAF grant please click here (deadline: 10/1)

for a 6-12 TAF grant please click here (deadlines; > $5K: 5/1 & 11/1; < $5K: 3/1, 6/1, 9/1, 12/1)

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