Twitter has confirmed about some of the secrets which might led the win for Donald Trump in the US presidential election. Twitter has identified more than 1000 newly troll accounts which influenced the US elections(according to Twitter).

The company is claiming that these troll accounts were used by the Kremlin in order to influence the US presidential election. The troll accounts are somehow connected to the Russian government agency known as Internet Research Agency.

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According to Twitter, there are almost 4000 troll accounts which are linked to the Internet Research Agency and almost 176K tweets were posted ten weeks before the November 2016 election by these troll accounts combined.

We have already mentioned in the previous article on our website that how Facebook is being criticized after the US presidential election. This is because the air on Facebook during that time was somehow in the favor of Donal Trump.

Facebook was filled with the rumors, fake news and publicity of Donald Trump during the presidential election, same was with the Twitter at the same time. This was not a coincidence for sure, the wires somehow seem to be connected to the Russian government.

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It seems to be that Twitter is not totally aware of the troll accounts, and maybe that’s why after suspending more than 2700 twitter accounts, they had to reinstate after it was found to be of a US citizen.

It’s quite possible that Twitter will also follow a strict profile verification like Facebook to get rid of the fake accounts, but it would be interesting to see that how much effective will be the further steps of Twitter in future.

Twitter officials have said that they will never stop in protecting the Twitter’s legitimacy, and they will take more steps to reveal and suspend the troll accounts on Twitter.

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Russia has always been in the denial state of accepting their hands in influencing the presidential election, but this time the shreds of evidence are more powerful to let anyone think that there is some connection between the presidential election and Russia.

The time will definitely let us know about the secrecy behind the victory of Donal Trump, which left many of us speechless.

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