In the age of Government Censorship & utterly absurd copyrights, these top free VPNs are grace to Journalists, Techies, & people who just want privacy.

A VPN proxy let you privately exist on the Internet. It encrypts your data and changes your geolocation. In p

In this article, we are featuring VPNs which are FREE. The premium subscription of same free VPNs might be available with a price tag and more features.

There is a catch with free VPNs though. The catch is, nothing is actually free, so consider this as my disclaimer.

The VPN will earn you either by

  • Premium Subscription

  • Showing ads

  • Stealing Your Data & sell it to advertisers


There are many other free VPN services, but all of them are more or less same, we shortlisted the best among the best keeping in mind they are free in every way.

Below is the list of Top 5 best VPN free for use.

1. Hola VPN

top free vpn for download techscoop
Hola VPN
Credit Hola VPN

Hola VPN is the most balanced VPN service I could find. It’s not the best but its Peer to Peer contribution model makes it free for use.

There is a SEVERE catch in their revenue model & we will discuss it later.

Following are the features of Hola VPN.

  1. Free as long as you act as a Peer,
  2. Growing network also increasing Network bandwidth,
  3. Multiplatform support – Hola supports Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, & list is growing.

Cons of using Hola

  1. Hola uses your bandwidth once you become a peer,
  2. Security Issue: in 2015 one hacker exploited Hola bots to use the bandwidth of the target, same issues can be crept up again. The basic principle of Hola hasn’t changed.
  3. Using Hola’s VPN proxy network we can browse the web without leaving a trace on the Internet. There are whopping 80 Million people using Hola.
  4. Hola might be keeping logs. Free service comes at the cost of your data, but lack of transparency makes it a little risky to use.

Brand Luminati owns Hola, its revenue model is as follows:

  • Use Price and Free Segments for use of VPN.
  • The Priced segment will use the free segment’s bandwidth across the globe. This way Hola doesn’t have to pay for super expensive gateways and Datacenters.
  • Self-Test – Businesses and Web sites can check & monitor their websites and web services around the globe. For this, your computer and your bandwidth will be used if you are using the free version of Hola.
  • Apart from above Hola is expanding their catalogue of services. Like faster video delivery, a faster network for gaming etc.

If you are still want to, Hola VPN is available here for download for Mac and Windows.

2. TunnelBear

top free vpn for download techscoop
Tunnel Bear VPN
Credit Tunnel Bear

TunnelBear is VPN only service. There is no side business that they can exploit for revenues. So, there is no reason to steal your data.

TunnelBear gives you a Private Tunnel to your browsing session. Tunneling is one to one private virtual channel for secure communication.  And TunnelBear does exactly that.

There are almost 1000 servers, with 20+ Server locations that TunnelBear gives you.

See the Pros of using TunnelBear

  1. 1000 Servers give very good uptime for the VPN service.
  2. 20+ Server locations give 20 options to change countries.
  3. It does not log your data, not even your IP, so it gives you ultimate privacy.
  4. As a bold gesture, the TunnelBear does not even record the First Name.

But, there are some shortcomings to these plans as well primarily its data capping. For each free registration, you can use 500 MB of data transfer per month, that’s it. If you want more than that, you might want to look at their premium plans.

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3. VPN

top free vpn for download techscoop VPN

Hide.Me has great branding and it is rising very fast. They operate with 31 server locations in 30+different countries.

The download speed ranges from 80 to 95 % of your own bandwidth. It gives a little to no lag to your existing Internet connection.

Following are Pros of using Hide.Me VPN

  1. Great download speeds
  2. Data capping of 2GB per month in free plan
  3. Multiple Server Location in free plan
  4. Among the fastest VPN.
  5. No Logging policy, so there is no data theft in the channel.
  6. Supports OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, SoftEther, & SSTP protocols.
  7. Good Technical support, and prompt Sales team.

We see no Cons of using Hide.Me VPN apart from the fact it does has capping. But it is a better option than TunnelBear.


4. WindScribe VPN

top free vpn for download techscoop
Windscribe VPN
credit Windscribe

Windscribe the newest addition to VPNs. You can choose from 8 servers and it gives you a whopping 10 GB Bandwidth.

But you do require a non-mandatory signup. So, that’s a bit shady, however, you can sign up using a disposable email id so that is not a big issue.

Like many other VPNs, the Windscribe choose to not store the user data which gives it an edge over other VPN providers.

There are many good features that come with this particular VPN like Built-in Adblocker, Firewall, Network Optimizer. There is also an Android App which is a great addition to whole VPN experience.


5. Opera VPN

top free vpn for download techscoop
Opera VPN
Credit Opera VPN

Opera VPN is a free VPN service supplied through Opera Web Browser as an Integrated module. The company’s VPN is available in Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, & Android.



Following are the basic features of Opera Free VPN

  1. Secure browsing.
  2. An ad blocker.
  3. Network Analysis and Monitoring tool that alerts you about risky Hotspots.
  4. Encrypted Communication Channels.
  5. AES-256 encryption.

As usual, there are some downsides of Opera free VPN :

  1. Ad blocking feature is limited to the browser.
  2. The Ad Blocker displays some ads broadcast by Opera.
  3. Opera servers may throttle bandwidth during peak usage.
  4. Video calling through the browser is substandard.

So here is our list of 5 best top free VPN,  You should try them if you need  VPN related services. We kept this list precise and compact because we did not want to confuse you with redundant options.

Hope you liked our article, Keep yourself updated with latest developments of Tech world,

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