Even there are over 1.3 billion websites on the internet, it’s quite difficult to say which are the best websites on the internet. There are many aspects which define a great website. A website with movie content won’t be the best website in the aspect of tech content. I have prepared a list covering some of the best websites in different aspects of different niches.

The websites which are listed in this article are the best ones on the internet in aspects of their usability, Genuinity and many of the others. Let’s start our list for the most useful websites on the internet.

The Best Websites on the Internet for Everyone

I have listed the websites according to their categories and each category contains 5 top(according to my research) websites of those categories.



YTS: Best websites for watching Movies

Yifi Torrent Search is one of the best sites to download the latest movies and that too for free, with great quality and small file sizes. Even though there are many of the great torrent websites available on the internet, but this one is the best one to download the movies with high quality.

YTS also have the filters to search the movies according to your interests. Although there are only English movies listed on this website. This website deserves a visit at least, and I can assure you that you won’t feel cheated.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime: Popular websites for watching movies

Amazon prime listed among the most popular websites for the movies and TV shows lovers. I guess you all know about Amazon prime, because of there so-called social media marketing and TV ads.

Apart from the latest movies and exclusive TV shows you will get some freebies too with the prime membership. This is one of the great websites for Movie lovers and for those who love to shop, as they will get the 1-day delivery option on shopping through Amazon.

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YouTube Movies

Youtube movies: best sites for movies

YouTube Movies is one of the good websites for regional language movies. This website has a huge collection of movies of different languages.

You won’t need to pay for the monthly membership charges for watching movies on here, you can watch movies by paying for them, means you will have to pay for what you watch.

In terms of latest movies, YouTube Movies is not a good choice as the latest movies take time to get uploaded on the website.

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Netflix: Cool websites for watching movies

Nowadays, Netflix has become one of the top websites for the online Movies and Exclusive Tv shows streaming. House of Cards, Game of Thrones and The Punisher are some of the most lovable shows which are exclusively available on Netflix.

In just $7.99(500 RS) you can explore the whole library of videos on Netflix. But if you wanna give a try to this websites, then you can even get a free trial of one month, isn’t it cool?

Solar Movie

SolarMovies: best websites on the internet

Don’t want to watch movies by paying for them? If yes, then this is the website for you. Solar Movie is one of the most updated websites in terms of latest movies and TV series.

This is one of the best websites on the internet for the ones who love to watch latest movies and TV shows for free XD.

One of the cool thing about this website is that you can change the country from the menu, which will give you the results of the movies and shows of that country only.


Sound Cloud

Soundcloud: great websites for music

This is not a usual music website, in fact, this is a whole new platform for music. Sound cloud is one of the most useful websites for music passionate people who actually love to create something new with music.

Not only you can listen to some of the best music on the website, but also you can upload your own music and songs on the website and can reach the millions of listeners around the world.

If you want to have an audience all over the world to listen to your voice then you must give a try to this amazing platform.


Pandora: top 10 websites for songs

Pandora, also known as the Pandora radio is one the best online music streaming websites with automated music recommendation feature.

The recommendation of the music depends on the behavior of the user. If you like the music then it will try to show you the more of a kind, but if you dislike the music then it will try to neglect the kind of.

If you live outside the United States then you won’t be able to access the website, but you can access through the proxy ;p.


Spotify: top websites for listening music

There are over a million of songs on Spotify and that too for free, but with lots of ads. there is a better option to try the premium package of Spotify just for $0.99 for 3 months.

You can play songs on your PlayStation and XBox too. There is also the option of downloading the Spotify on your desktop or phone and then you can listen to your music offline too.

The features except shuffle playing are included in the premium version of the website. This could be one of the cool websites for music junkies who like huge playlists according to their moods.

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Google Play Music

GooglePlay Music: Good websites for downloading music

Most of the android phones come up with this as the bloatware, but this is not actually a bloatware as it is pretty much efficient in managing your songs in your phone’s storage.

Apart from the app, Google Play music is one of the most popular sites for online music streaming. You will find a bunch of different categories according to different languages and moods.

However you can listen many of the songs for free, but you will need to pay a little amount to listen to all of those melodious songs hosted on Google Play Music.


Last.fm: top websites for listening cool music

Last.fm allows you to not only listen to your favorite music but also share with others too and that too for free.

There is a kind of AI tool “scrobbler” which this website use for the personalization of your songs which builds a detailed profile for you. Scrobbler always tracks the behavior of the listener and provides a personalized list of songs.

 Now you can guess, why this website is on the list of best websites for music streaming. Give a try to this one, you will definitely love the personalization of songs.

Free Softwares


softonic: best websites for free software

Softonic provides a large variety of Softwares for windows and mac for free(almost). This website is one of the most useful websites to download the trustworthy software.

Whenever you search on Google to download software, it would be almost certain that you will get the link of Softonic for the download of that software.


SourceForge: top websites for free softwares

SourceForge is the heaven for the open source softwares, you will get almost every open source software on this website. This is one of the cool websites for the developers too.

Through SourceForge, you can not only download the softwares but also you can create the repositories for your project and maintain it just like GitHub. Others can also contribute to your projects just like GitHub again.

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Softpedia: best sites for downloading free software

If you are looking for the drivers for your systems, then this website will relieve you from searching on hundreds of websites. You will find almost every driver on this website.

The number of downloads they have served is more than billions, hence you can guess how much popular is this website.

Apart from softwares for the Desktops, there is a huge library of softwares for the Android too. You can also download many of the interesting games through Softpedia.


digit.in: cool websites for free softwares

This is one of the good websites for tech news, software and gadget reviews and free software downloads. Maybe on the home page you won’t find it as the software downloading website but believe me, this is actually a good website to download free softwares.


filepuma: top 10 websites for software download

Filepuma is another one of the most popular sites for free software downloads. not only free softwares you will also find a news section on the websites where you will find a good number of “How to” articles, which will help you in solving many of the tech issues.



EDX: good websites for free learning

If You love learning then you will definitely love edX for sure. edX is in top 10 websites for learning new skills with perfection. The best thing about this learning websites is that you won’t need to pay even a single penny to learn.

If you want a verified certificate for your learning, then only you would need to pay $99 which is actually not a big one if we will compare it with the quality of the courses.

The thing which will force you to try edX is that edX is a partner with Harvard, MIT, Berkley and many huge institutes for the edX programs.


Udemy: top websites for learning

With 55,000 online courses and lifetime access to those courses, Udemy has become one of the most useful websites for online learning. Not only learning, this website also provides the best platform for those who want to enlight the world with their knowledge.

From music to coding and from marketing to lifestyle you can learn and teach a vast variety of things through his platform. But you will need to pay for those courses for the access.

I will suggest you buy the courses if you are not getting those for free from edX type of platforms which provide free learning.

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Khan Academy

KhanAcademy: best websites for free learning courses

This is one of the most useful websites for free learning through an interactive way. Khan Academy started in 2004 by Salman Khan(not the Bollywood actor) with a vision of providing a quality of teaching all across the world through internet.

You will find almost every course from std 5 to Graduation and that too for free. This website generates the revenue from the donations, many of the huge organizations have donated millions of dollars to Khan Academy.

In many of the places, learners consider the Khan Academy as the University itself. If you also want to learn any of the courses of your stream then you must give a try to this website.


Udacity: good websites for education

In collaboration with Google, Udacity created many of the Nano degree programmes. The courses listed on the Udacity are Job Oriented courses which help to get a job according to your courses.

The thing which makes Udacity different from the other learning platform is its job oriented approach and platform. Many of the huge companies hire through Udacity, hence there will be a good chance for you to get a job if you are a certified learner from Udacity.

You will find two types of courses on Udacity; one is the Nanodegree programme and another one is Free courses.

Code Academy

CodeAcademy: top websites for free courses

Code Academy is literally a spoon feeding website for the programming learners. This is one of the best websites on the internet for programming learners.

Not even learn the code but you can create your own code through the interface provided by Code Academy on their website. I will recommend this website for all of those beginners who want to learn to code from scratch.

One more thing which makes it more prominent for learners is its community where you can ask for help anytime.


Best Buy

Best Buy: best websites for online shopping

Being one of the Biggest online shopping websites with the lightning deals, this website covers about all of the consumer electronics at very cheap prices.

The thing which broke my heart is that they don’t serve in my country : (. I was stunned when visited this website for the first time, Almost every product on this website is much cheaper than the other ones.

If you live in the U.S or in Canada then you must try this website for the online shopping of electronic products.

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NewEgg: best websites on the internet for global shopping

With 10.5 million products listed, this website is one of the largest and top online shopping websites. The name of this website is quite interesting which according to the company signifies the new birth.

Newegg serves in many countries, which is not the case with Best Buy. But the pricing on this website is not as good as it is on Best Buy.

Apart from these, Newegg has won several awards including “The Best on Web” award given by Forbes.


Ebay: greaat websites for online purchasing

Known to everyone almost, eBay is one of the biggest online platforms for buying and selling consumer products. Even though there are many of the fraud cases got filed on the eBay sellers in past, but this is one of the best sites for buying cheap products.

I won’t recommend you to buy any costly items from eBay, although you can look out for the steal deals on the website. eBay has also started selling the refurbished stuff which are also dead cheaply sometimes.

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Amazon: best sites for online buying

The Dady of all the online shopping website is undoubtedly Amazon. Total sell on Amazon for a year is way more than any of its competitors.

Whatever you need, just search on Amazon and buy it for a reasonable price with the trustworthiness of Amazon.


Alibaba: great websites for wholesale purchasing

Alibaba was founded by one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs “Jack Ma”. This is the biggest and the top online wholesale website which serves almost all of the countries.

Breakup day is one of the biggest days in China and for this website, on this day alone Alibaba sells billions worth of products. This website is for you if you wanna purchase a good quantity of products at cheap prices.



YouTube: best sites on the internet for earning

Some of you might wonder that why I have included YouTube on the list of best websites for earning, but YouTube is the place friends where you can actually earn a lot.

Since YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and the first on the list of the largest amount of videos with billions of audience. If there are any of skills which you wanna show to world and also want to earn money through it, then you can earn by uploading and monetizing your videos on YouTube

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Chegg: cool websites for free earning

If you are good at problem-solving then this website can make you earn a lot from your skills. When you will get registered on Chegg with the stream you belong to, then you will be provided the questions of that stream from the students around the world. For solving each question you will be paid a good amount.

You will have to clear the test of Chegg to get registered as a solver, then only you can get the questions to solve and earn money through them.


Freelancer.com: top 10 websites for freelancers

Many of you already familiar with freelancer.com and if not, then let me tell you that this is the world’s largest platform for the freelancers.

You have skills, then Freelancer.com has work for you. It will take some time and patience to earn money through Freelancer.com but believe me this is one of the great websites for earning money.

Most of the people think that Freelancer.com is just for the programmers, but this is just a hoax, You will find a huge variety of projects on Freelancer according to different skills.


Upwork: popular websites for work

Formerly known as Odesk, Upwork is also a freelancing website where you can earn a good amount of money. The difference in between freelancer.com and Upwork is that you will find quite good navigation on Upwork in comparison with Freelancer.

Upwork charges for showing the average bid on the projects for the freelancers, but in case of Freelncer.com, this facility is free.


Photobucket: great websites for money earning

Have you ever thought that pics clicked on your phones can earn you a good money? If No, then visit photobucket.com for selling your pics at a good price.

Many of you click a lot of pics on your phones, but we don’t think that they can help you in making money and reaching a huge audience to see your creativity. Photobucket is one of the best websites for online pictures selling.

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Google News

Google News: best sites for news

If you are having a pure android phone, then you are quite used to with Google news. Google news doesn’t contain the news from a single source, but it contains the news from thousands of sources.

Google news shows the news which is relevant to your choices. It asks you promptly about your likes and dislikes, according to which Google news presents you the personalized news from different sources. for example, if you have shown interest in football, then you will get the news and scores of the ongoing football matches.

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Reddit: top websites for daily news

Many of you might think that why I have included Reddit in the “best websites for news” section, in spite of that it is a social media website. But I have included this website because most of the news of around the world are shared on Reddit, hence you won’t need to visit a number of websites for news.

You can also share the news on Reddit if you think that it must be shared with others.

The Telegraph

Telegraph: good websites for global news

The Telegraph is about 160 years old source for news and amongst the top 10 websites for news of the world. This website is having millions of readers all around the world. Not for a single country but this website covers the news from all over the world.

There is also an app of the website on Android as well as on iOS. you can download the app from this link if you are an Android user and if you are an iPhone user then click this link for the iOS app.


BBC: most useful websites for news

British Broadcasting Service i.e BBC is amongst the best websites for news all around the world. This website is available in many of the languages including the regional ones too.

Although we are much familiar with BBC as the TV channel of news, the website of BBC is somewhat same in terms of news quality and trustworthiness.

Huffington Post

Huffington Post: good websites for local news

Available in more than 17 countries with 17 different websites for each country, Huffington Post is one of the best websites for localized and international news. The HuffPost or Huffington post is own by AOL which also own one of the biggest tech company Tech Crunch.

Initially, the Huffington Post was considered as the American liberal news website which was later launched with the localized version too.



Google: most useful websites for web search

There is no need to say anything about this giant I guess. But there are few of the hidden google secrets which can force you to change your search engine.

Being the largest search engine, Google is the most accurate search engine in terms of its relevant search results. Google is also considered as one of the most useful websites on the internet.

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Startpage: most useful websites for best search

Startpage is a popular search engine which protects the privacy of its users. It does not track or store any of the user’s details such as cookies(except preferences), search data etc.

This search engine shows the top ten results from multiple search engines. Startpage can also search in 17 different languages.

You must try this search engine to secure your anonymity.


duckduckgo search: great websites for private search

DuckDuckGo is another privacy-protecting search engine, which does not track the user’s behavior.This is also mentioned on their homepage that they do not track you.

On visiting the first time, you will find this website similar to the Google in terms of the user interface, but this search engine does not track you like Google does. Also, there are only legitimate results in search just opposite to the Google search results which shows ads results first.


yandex search: good websites for local search

Yandex is one of the most popular sites for web search in Russia. Russian people prefer Yandex rather than Google. This search engine has the 65% share of the market.

Yandex.ru serves more than 200 million searches in a day which is actually a huge number.

Beside from a search engine, this website provides a number of services like videos, emails, and cloud storage. In terms of search quality, this website actually provides quite good results

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Dogpile: best websites for private search

With more than 2 million monthly visitors and existence before Google, this website is one of the best search engines on the internet.

Initially, this search engine fetched the links from Ask.com, Yahoo!, Google and other popular search engines, but now Dogpile is only powered by Bing.

Dogpile also have some of the eye-catching features such as white pages, yellow pages, recent search etc.


Stake Overflow

StackOverflow: top websites for asking questions

Stake overflow has always been a heaven for programmers. If you are a programmer, then you will be pretty much familiar with this website. Every programmer whether he/she is a beginner or an experienced one have at least visited once this website.

If you have a question regarding your code just search it on Stake Overflow and you will definitely get the answers. If there is no answer to your question, then just post that question on stack overflow and you will definitely get the answer.


Quora: great websites for community

Quora is one of the most popular sites for asking and answering varieties of questions. You won’t find questions related to technical problems only but also related to real life problems such as asking for the ways to get relief from stress.

You can upvote or downvote a question or answers and also you can follow a question for further answers to that question.

Quora provides the feature of Anonymous questions and answers, which help you to ask and answer without revealing your identity to anyone.


Ask.com search: good websites for problems

Ask.com is a combo of question and answer website plus a search engine. But search engine was introduced after the question and answer community.

Just like google’s related results section on the bottom of the page, there is also a section of the related search on the right of the search result page which makes it quite well organized.

Ask.com had been also criticized in the past for browser toolbar which was behaving like a malware.


Answers.com: best websites on the internet for community

With more than 5000 categories for reference, this website is one of the cool websites of question and answers. You can post questions and also can answer the question being asked on the website. Whenever your question got an answer from someone you will get the notification through the mail.

You will get a reference library which will help you in getting the reference to different topics. Even though there are several categories on this website, new categories are added to the website regularly.

My Reply Is

MyreplyIs: great websites for searching questions

‘My Reply Is’ has taken the way of Asking to a different level. You can decide that who you want to answer your questions, which will increase the chance of getting better results for the question you asked.

This website allows you to ask your questions in texts, images, videos, and audios, that allows you to express your views and perspective pretty much clear.

You can even set the filter for the geographic region from where you want to get your answer. This could be one of the most useful websites for asking your questions.

Time Killing


This website is one of the best websites when bored, you won’t like to visit this website only when you get bored but you would get addicted to this website pretty quickly.

If you love beatboxing, then you will definitely become a fan of this website. You can create your own virtual beatboxing group and can record the beatboxing with amazing effects.

7 Most Amazing Websites When You Get Bored
The picture above is taken from incredibox. You can see the 7 beatboxers in the above picture which are standing in a row in which there are different symbols just under the beatboxers which are the symbols of different music effects.

Draw a Stickman

Draw a stickman: great websites for time killing
Draw a Stickman Epic

I can assure you that this is one of the best funny websites for time killing. To enjoy the fun, you will need to have a little knowledge of drawing(just little).

You can draw your own hero i.e stickman who will be sent for the adventurous journey. You will need to draw a number of things during your adventure for example clouds when you will need to put off the fire.

Although the full version of this adventurous website is paid, it worth that amount.

The Useless Web

useless web: best funny websites
 This is not a single website but a bunch of many useless but amazingly funny websites. These are the best websites when bored, as you won’t find the same website again after clicking the “Please” button as in the above pic.
Whenever you will click the “Please” button, you will be redirected to the whole new website. It is quite possible that you won’t see the same website again.
You might spend hours on this website, so beware while visiting this useless website. XD


sporcle: amazing websites for quiz

Solving quiz was not that fun before, this is one of the coolest websites for time killing. Not only getting rid of your boredom but also you can test your brain by solving the quizzes available.

Sporcle has many types of quizzes according to your taste, for eg, if you love movies, then there are quizzes of movies, if you love cars, then you will find quizzes about cars.

Not just solving the quizzes, you can even create the interesting quizzes for others, isn’t it different and quite amazing.

Neave Interactive

Neave : Most popular websites for timepass

Addictive, interesting and different are the qualities which actually defines this time killing website. The thing which I liked about this website is the bouncing of balls on the variation from the voices through the mic, which I didn’t find on other such websites.

You might think that how could be this one of the best websites for time killing, but trust me, this will make your time fly away.

This website also contains many subparts such as bouncy balls, illusion, Hyperscape, Zoom earth and Imagination etc, and believe me each of them are equally well crafted.

Here, I rest my list of Best websites on the Internet but I will update this article in future with more categories and websites. I hope you really enjoyed reading the article as much I enjoyed while writing this one.

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