Samsung announced on January 18th that they will start mass producing 16 Gb GDDR6 Memory. This move of Samsung will exponentially increase the computing strength of current Gaming and Data-Centric Computer Systems.

Samsung GDDR6 Memory chip Techscoop
Samsung’s GDDR6 Memory Chip  |  Credit Samsung

This GDDR6 memory will be installed in gaming and server-centric systems. The high computing power upgrade by Samsung is a strategic move.

Current computing requires a high level of number crunching, & Image processing. The 16 Gb GDDR6 memory will increase the memory bandwidth to feed the high-speed GPUs.

The GDDR6 is designed with keeping in mind the recent advancements in Augmented Reality, Gaming & Computing.

With a whopping 18 Gbps, bandwidth Softwares can optimally utilize graphics cards with much higher VRAMs.

Samsung GDDR6 Memory Technical Specifications

  • GDDR6 memory platform is built on Samsung’s 10nm DIE. Which actually ranges from 10 ~19 nm. The small size allows more computing packed in limited volume.
  • The 16 nm allows 16Gb density. It is a great geometry reduction from Samsung’s 20nm 8Gb GDDR5 memory.
  • GDDR6 uses a brand new circuit design that uses 1.35 volts @ 100% capacity.
  • Samsung’s new memory is clocked at 18Gbps pin speed with a 72GB/s bandwidth. In contrast to Samsung’s earlier 12 GB/s GDDR5 12Gbps.
  • The new design will allow a 30% gain in manufacturing productivity in comparison to 20nm GDDR5.
  • By comparison, HBM2 features a 307GB/s bandwidth, which is 10x the performance of GDDR5.

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Samsung other recent Chips in the same segment

There is an HMB2 design as well. The HMB2 of Samsung has 307 GB/s Bandwidth which is 1000% gain over the performance of GDDR5. The 8 GB GDDR5 runs at 8Gbps and 1.5V with data transfers of 32 GB/s.

The SK Hynix has is about to launch 9Gbps and 10Gbps dies which maximum speed of 40 GB/s.  Titan XP maxes the clock at 11.4 Gbps on a 384-bit memory bus for the maximum memory bandwidth of 547 GB/s.

Collectively the new Samsung GDDR6 Memory Chip will work in conjunction with GPUs to give us higher performance.

Earlier the cryptocurrency revolution negatively affected gamer’s market. The high GPU demand for cryptocurrency mining resulted in a sharp spike in prices of GPU and lowered the supply. You can hardly find a decent GPU in the market nowadays because the mining firms bought them already.

Introduction of Samsung’s GDDR6 memory is a good indication that you can use your current GPU or any other lower capacity GPU with optimal computation.


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