Samsung Child Labour issue does not seem to be resolving anytime soon. French NGO Sherpa and Action Aid-Peuples Solidaires allege that Samsung uses Child Labour in China.

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Samsung Child Labour Case

After Apple’s infamous apple batterygate scandal Samsung is in new rut. French rights group accuse Samsung & it’s french Subsidiary of using Children as labour in Chinese factories. Samsung is notorious for such issues over time. The working conditions of Chinese Sweatshops is not a news.

Samsung along with many companies use cheap labour in China and South Korea in order to manufacture cheaper goods.

But, the issue of child labour for Samsung keeps emerging up like an infected wound.  This time French Rights group SHERPA & ActionAid | Peuples Solidaires accuse French subsidiary of Samsung of Child Labour.

The two NGO’s claim that Samsung Electronics has violated fundamental rights of its employees in Chinese factories. Following is the official statement by Sherpa

“We’re asking the judicial authority to sanction this unacceptable gap between these ethical commitments and the reality as observed in the factories by local NGOs,”

Past Child Labour cases against Samsung

There is a local Chinese NGO, China Labor Watch also Samsung Electronics of employing 16-year-olds & below in Chinese factories. Following are the accusations of China Labour Watch

  • Samsung included children of age 16 and below in their factories.
  • The factories of Samsung in China use Benzene, Methanol & other deadly chemicals that cause incurable diseases in workers.
  • Student Workers are paid $1.44 / hour.
  • No safety training what so ever.
  • An employee can not resign until management approves it.
  • Workers are forced to sign a blank contract with the factory, at this point they are not told about details, location, hours, compensation, safety, insurance, hazards & conditions of work.
  • 12-hour work shift which runs from 8 AM ~ 8 PM with two 30 minute breaks.
  • Shifts run for 7 days a week, 365 days a year, 11 hour/day.
 It is not the first time the Samsung has been accused of Child Labour, Previously Samsung has faced similar issues earlier in 2012, 2014, & in 2016.
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Samsung’s Statement over Child Labour Charges

Statement released official statement denying all charges. The Samsung States in their official statement that

Samsung deeply values the global network of employees at all of our manufacturing facilities who make it possible for us to deliver our products to our customers worldwide.

Samsung claims that the similar NGO instantiated two similar proceedings against samsung in the past and the cases were closed in favour of Samsung.

According to publicly available information, the new proceeding is based on the same allegations used in two previous proceedings initiated by Sherpa in 2013 and 2016, which were both closed in favor of Samsung.

Perhaps it seems that Samsung will contest these charges in French Court. Samsung claims that they  “hold ourselves and our suppliers to the highest standards of  labour practices” & comply “local labour regulations and international labour standards“.

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