After Pulling hands off from the Meltdown flaw, Intel seems to be drowning in the share market. The shares of Intel has already pulled down 6% after the Meltdown flaw.

Even the CEO of Intel seems to be frightened with the flaw, he sold almost all of his shares in the company which he could sell.

Now, when the company itself pulled their hands from the issues, the question is how to protect our PCs from Meltdown flaw.

What is Meltdown and How to Protect Your Computer from It?

You might be thinking that what are Meltdown and Spectre flaws, and what they actually do. These two are the biggest security flaws, one of which is originated from the Intel chips. These flaws let the attackers compromise the memory of the processor which could slow down your PCs up to 30%.

These flaws also let the attacker access the frontend code which is running on the browsers, such as typing passwords and other personal stuff.

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After getting introduced with two of the biggest security flaws of all time, now it’s time to overcome these flaws. Almost every device which is built in the past 20 years is affected by these security flaws.

The Meltdown flaw can only affect the Intel processors, which is the part of almost every computer including MacBooks and huge other huge brands. Spectre flaw can affect the Intel, AMD, and ARM chips.

Some of the researchers have already shown the proof of this flaw by a proof-of-concept, which seems to be pretty easy.

You can protect your PCs by following some of the simple steps:

  • If you are using Firefox as the browser
  • then update it to the Firefox 57 which includes the fix for the Meltdown flaw.
  • Chrome users will need to wait a bit
  • as Google said that they will roll out the fix pretty soon
  • Internet Explorer and Edge have a new update for fixing the Meltdown flaws
  • Mac users will also need to wait for a while as Apple has already said that they will roll out the security patch very soon.
  • If you are a Windows user
  • then update your computer right now with the latest security patch for the Meltdown flaw. But make sure that your antivirus is disabled otherwise you may not see the security patch.

Meltdown seems to be overcome through these securities patches, but what about the Spectre flaw? We are expecting the better resolvent of these security flaws as soon as possible.

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Until these flaws are not totally discovered, all you need to keep your system as much updated as you can. May God bless your PC XD.

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