India unveiled it’s HPC (High-Performance Computing ) Supercomputer “Pratyush” in Indian Institute of Meteorology (IITM) Pune.

India's Supercomputer 4th fastest Supercomputer dedicated for weather
India’s Supercomputer 4th fastest Supercomputer dedicated to weather & climate

“Pratyush” India’s Fastest Supercomputer

IIT-M launched Pratyush as it’s research computer for Weather Change, Weather Forecasting & Modeling MeteorologicalĀ surveys.

The peak computing power of Pratyush is 6.8 Petaflops ( 1 Petaflop =Ā one quadrillion FLOPS orĀ 1015Ā FLOPS or a million billion FLOPS).

Measurement of computing is carried out in Fl-OPS or Floating point operations per second.

To put this into perspective, the fastest general-purpose consumer-grade computer hasĀ Xeon E3 1245v3 (Haswell) clocks 140 G-FLOPS (1Ā Giga =Ā  109).

So Pratyush, India’s Supercomputer, isĀ  6.8 Million times faster than our fastest home computer.

This massive computing power will be delivered by two units.Ā  One in IIT-M (4.0 Petaflops)Ā  & 2.8 Petaflops fromĀ  NCMRWF ~ Noida (National Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecast, Noida.)

The government of India approved INR 400 Crore ( USD 60 Million ) budget for a 10 Petaflop machine. It is a part of the project that has INR 4,500 Crore budget ( 706 Million USD).

Entire project encompasses to build 80 new supercomputers in a span of 7 years.

Before “Pratyush”, the most powerful Indian supercomputer was SahasraT, clocking 1.2 petaflops (peak) system.

TheĀ SahasraT system is a Cray XC40 installed at the SERCĀ  (Supercomputer Education and Research Centre). The SERC is located in Indian Institute of Science campus Bangalore, India.

SahasraT is ranked as number 133 on the TOP500.

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Significance of India’s Supercomputer Pratyush

Before Pratyush India’s fastest Supercomputer was clocking 1 Petaflop which ranked.

As per IITM,Ā India’s supercomputer “pratyush” is the 4th fastest supercomputer in the world dedicated to weather & climate research.Ā  India will have the following benefit from its supercomputer.

  • Better weather/climate prediction especially in the monsoon climate.
  • Operational forecasts at a resolution of 3km at regional and 12 km at the global scale. Which is very good.
  • Earliest possible Tsunami alert.
  • Better & earlier advisories on Potential fishing Zones,
  • operational ocean wave/weather watch forecasts and air quality forecasts.
  • Better Climate projections will be provided regularly to the citizens.
  • A month early Climate forecasting, improved capability.

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