Are you going to sell your Android phone or tablet shortly? If yes, then read this article before selling it out. I will guide you to wipe android devices before selling it so that no one would be able to access your personal data.

If you think that it only requires to factory reset your android devices to wipe android devices safely, then you are wrong my friend. In many of the cases, your personal data can still be recovered.

Even though there is no such method that can be said 100% effective for clearing your data from Android devices, but I have discussed a pretty much effective method to wipe android devices.

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Steps to effectively wipe Android phone and tablet running Android 5.0 or later :

Step 1: Logout from all of your accounts synced to your phone

Step 2: Take the back up of your data whichever is needed.

Step 3: Now go to settings > users and accounts and tap on your accounts linked to different service providers and remove those accounts.

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Step4: Encrypting your phone, which is the most important step of the tutorial. for encrypting your android device, you need to go to settings > security > Encrypt phone

Step 5: Now you can wipe the device through the factory reset, but as I said that there is no method which can be said 100% effective in cleaning your device, as many of the things can even be recovered by some tools.

Step 6: For getting more confident, just load your phone with the dummy data such as image, audio, video etc.

Step 7: Again, perform the data factory reset so that your personal data will get covered with the fake data which will give more protection to your data.

Step 8: In case of lesser satisfaction, repeat the step 6 and 7 as much as you can.

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Even though the above steps are pretty much efficient to wipe an android phone, but even if you have some better steps for wiping more effectively, then please let us know in the comments section.

If you are planning to sell your phone due to its slowness, Then wait,  are also some hidden settings in your phone which can speed up your android phone

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