Now, days are not far when your cars will be without of steering wheels, brakes pedals, and accelerators pedals.

General Motors is waiting for the approval of the same first fully autonomous car so they can commercially launch the first autonomous car in 2019.

The future car has given the name ‘Cruise AV’ which is powered by GM’s Chevrolet Bolt EV,  which has been designed with the technology of a self-driving startup acquired by the General Motors 2 years ago.

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The company has already filed for the US government approval for the 2500 fully autonomous car, which will decide the future of the first fully autonomous car. General Motors will need to apply for the approval from each of the states in the US to run those autonomous cars.

Cruise Av will be the first self-driving car, which will be without of any manual controls like brakes, steering, and accelerator. Some of the huge companies like Google have already tried with the self-driving car, but those were with the manual controls too.

The General Motors has shown a totally different meaning of self-driving car through the Cruise Av by removing the manual controls.

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Features of General Motors’s Autonomous car:

The Cruise Av is lace with 21 radars, 5 lidar sensors and 21 radars.

With dozens of radars and 5 sensors, the Cruise Av is far capable in getting the data about the surroundings and allowing itself to change the paths in case of traffic and occurrence of obstacles in the intended path

All of the Cruise Av would be able to share the data of a particular path with the other Cruise Avs which will help the other autonomous cars to learn about the path priorly.

The first autonomous car is lace with the backup system units which gets into action when the other system units failed, and if the backup unit fails, then the car will automatically take itself to a stop.

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It’s been already cleared by the US government officials that they have got the application of approving 2500 driverless fully autonomous cars, but they will only approve it if it will be safe for the citizens.

It’s time to see that whether you would see a fully autonomous car on roads in 2019 or not.

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