Now Facebook will use Rating System to analyze the news credibility. The new system will prioritize the news feed on basis of a credit system. How or will it affect facebook ads?

Facebook vs Fake News

Facebook has been criticised for letting fake content stream through their platform. Since Donald Trump’s election to President of the US, Facebook has been facing criticism from users and tech world.

A series of Fake Facebook News posts affected mass mentality on vaccination in the US, falsely lining it to Autism.

Seeing how much the Facebook and Digital News can affect the outcome of an election, Facebook was plundered with Fake News. So much so that it affected local elections, violent outburst in many countries.

Since Facebook become a news source for many groups around the world, it became easy for Anti-Social elements to spread rumors & advertisements through it.

Also, the original creator of fake news doesn’t have to face legal repercussions as they may not be in the local the jurisdiction.

All these things become a recipe for propaganda and Facebook became a very useful tool for perpetrators to carry out their Modus Operandi.

For example, The Russian government allegedly has a Web Brigade that comments on the Internet, post pro-government views and fights off those who have different opinions than their sponsor.

To tackle this issue Facebook has been working since past few months:

  • The facebook has brought a strict Profile Verification Mechanism

  • Facebook News should have context

  • EdgeRank Algorithm will be used for post’s affinity

  • Stricker norms for flagging and posting

China blocks WhatsApp, VPNs & Cryptocurrencies while WeChat agreed to share personal data.

Facebook Rating System

The Facebook rating system will judge how “trustworthy” a news is based on user input. The higher news rating is more trustworthy it is.

There are three categories of trustworthiness in which a news post will get classified into

  1. Trustworthy
  2. Informative
  3. Relevant to local community

This system will roll out first in the US and then Internationally.

Political, Religions & Ideological affiliations and their effect on Ratings

There are concerns how rating will get affected by political and ideological affiliations of masses.

For example, Hardline Christian groups may disagree with a government policy, framework, or views of competing for sect or religion. Such group will deem the news as untrustworthy.
As another example, a Liberal Group of users may find news from Fox as fake, or vice versa a Conservative group of users may find CNN’s view or news as fake.

It is not clear how Facebook will tackle this issue. Facebook might give points to known media sources such as CNN and FOX but what about lesser known media houses?

Will Rating System be applied to Facebook Ads?

If you have ever posted an ad on Facebook, you will know that they are mostly useless unless you are doing it for page/post likes & followers. Even most of the followers brought by facebook ads are fake and do not bring revenue or traffic to your website.

So the question is will Facebook bring the same rating system to facebook ads as well?  There is whole new Industry in developing countries where users are paid to post fake comments, likes & follow. Such Industry is called Click Farm.

The click farm issue has been raised by many media outlets before, and Facebook hasn’t worked against click farms as hard as they are working against fake news.

This issue is very old and Click Farms are very much active. Facebook hasn’t worked strictly against the Click Farms probably because they actually bring revenue.

Facebook’s own advertising network doesn’t bring satisfactory numbers and is expensive. In fact, running a Facebook ads won’t bring you much real and active followers as well.

So, shouldn’t facebook bring a credit system to the performance of their ads as well? A food for thought!


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