Cryptojacking is in the air now. If you don’t know what is Cryptojacking, let’s throw some light on it: It is a way of secretly using the resources of a computer to mine cryptocurrency without letting the user know about it.

Everyone is trying to be the part of the rising cryptocurrencies, even though many of the cryptocurrencies are still volatile.

This boom in the values of cryptocurrency is attracting many of the active hackers to taste the rising cryptocurrencies with the resources of others through cryptojacking.

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These hackers are taking the support of some of the popular chrome extensions to mine cryptocurrencies secretly.

One of the popular chrome extensions called Archive Poster which is used by the Tumblr users to repost from the other blogs has been caught for using conhive to mine ‘Monero’ by cryptojacking.

You might be wondering that when does this chrome extension mine the cryptocurrency secretly. The answer is; Whenever your Chrome browser is running it will work secretly behind the scene.

According to the Chrome web store, this extension is being used by almost 105,145 users, and many of them have discovered about the secret functioning of this secret agent.

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Many of the users have written in the reviews of this chrome extension that “Don’t use this chrome extension, this includes a secret script of mining the cryptocurrency by using the resources of your computer”.

Many of Torrent websites such as BitTorrent were appeared to be using cryptojacking, but this is the first time that a Chrome extension was discovered using cryptojacking.

However, cryptojacking is not as harmful as malware because it doesn’t harm your computer or your files in your system. but it uses the CPU time of your computer to mine cryptocurrency, which slows down your computer.

If you are thinking that “if a Chrome extension can mine cryptocurrency through my PC, then Why can’t I?”, then let me tell you If you will try to mine the cryptocurrency through your PC, then it could take centuries to mine them.

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Cryptojackers doesn’t mine through a single system, but they mine parallel with the thousands of systems at a mine. Hence drop the idea of mining through your system.

I hope you guys like the article and will be beware of the Chrome extensions like Archive Poster.

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