Wondering for some cool free music apps for iPhone? If yes, then give a read to this article and if no, then consider it for future ; ). It’s been always in my mind to keep my phone always ready while traveling, hence it’s a must for my phone to have the music of my choice while traveling for a long journey. I have tried many of those available free music apps offline and online both, and found some of the quite useful ones for my phone.

On one hand, it’s quite easy to find free music apps for an android phone, but on the other hand, it is not that easy to find some on iOS. But still, there are some quite worthy free music apps for iPhone which are loaded with tonnes of songs suited for the different moods.

10 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone

Let’s get started with our list for the best free music streaming and downloading apps for iPhone.


Pandora:best free music apps for iphone

Pandora is the highest rated free music app for iPhone with more than 2.2 million of ratings averaging about 4.7. It is the best music app for personalized songs.

You can create your own personalized music station with your favorite songs, artists, and genre.

Although Pandora provides astonishing free music for iPhone through its free version, if you wanna have more, then you can also choose from the premium and the plus one.

Visit Pandora

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Musi – Simple Music Streaming

Musi - Simple Music Streaming free music apps for iphone

One of the highest rated free music player app and about 1 million daily active users, Musi is remarkably efficient to stream any song from youtube making you stream almost every song on the internet.

You can also stream music to the Airplay-enabled devices and your car’s stereo. Also, you can create infinite number of playlists for your music

Visit Musi

Spinrilla – Mixtapes & Music

Spinrilla: Cool free music apps for iphone

Spinrilla is another popular offline music app for iPhone, filled with the soul of hip-hop in it. You would discover thousands of emerging hip-hop stars who upload their music on Spinrilla.

This app is one of the most updated music apps for iPhone, which host stunning music from unknown hip-hop artists. You can follow your favorite hip-hop star to get the notification when they upload their music.

Offline mode of this app allows you to listen to your music even without any internet connection, which makes it more impressive free music app for iPhone, for those who can’t get the internet access everywhere.

Visit Spinrilla

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Trebel Music – Song Downloader

Trebel-Music :Amazing free music player apps for iphone

Downloading the music of top artists free and that too for free is quite rear on iPhone, but this free music downloading app for iPhone does that quite effectively.

As you can download the music through this app, then you won’t need an internet connection to access your music, you can play them offline and also can sync your music with the existing iTunes collection.

This app allows you to download the unlimited music without paying a single penny, also it uses the minimal data to download the music, which adds another plus point to the app. The app also optimizes the use of your phone’s battery while playing music offline.

Visit Trebel Music

My Mixtapez Music

My-Mixtapez-Music: free music radio apps for iphone

You can download and stream unlimited Mixtapes in My Mixtapez Music app, also you can stream the selected videos into it.

Sharing of your picks with your friends on facebook, twitter, Instagram and other social network is pretty easier with this app. Just like Trebel Music app, you can get the notifications about the latest mixtapes upload.

This app has a premium version too, which is more effective if you don’t want any ads while streaming music.

Visit My Mixtapez Music

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Amazon Music

Amazon-Music: free music apps for iphone

Amazon prime is a quite renown platform for the videos, but only a few users are aware of the Amazon Music. With over millions of songs, Amazon Music is one of the coolest free music apps for iPhone.

Most of us purchase Amazon prime for free and fast delivery, exclusive videos access, but you can also access millions of mp3 songs on Amazon music with the same Amazon Prime subscription.

This is also a great offline music app, as it allows you to download the music and listen to them whenever you want, without of any internet access.

Visit Amazon Music

Napster – Top Music & Radio

Napster: best free music apps for iphone

Napster is also a huge platform consisting of over 30+ million of songs, all of which can be downloaded. You can also create a list of your favorite songs.

You will need to pay a small amount to access all of the available songs for free and without of ads.

Napster is also compatible with hundreds of devices including Chromecast, Wii U etc, which gives you more flexibility in listening to your favorite songs wherever you are and whenever you want, which makes it amongst some of the coolest free music apps for iphone.

Visit Napster

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Shazam:Best free music Player apps for iphone

Shazam is one of the highest rated free music apps for iPhone, with over 874k rating averaging 4.9 star, which is quite admirable. Even though there is nothing to say in appreciation about this app after telling you about the rating, but there are  some great features of the app that I would like to throw lights on:

You can launch Pandora radio for the artists you want.

You can find the songs which are popular in your country or even in your locality.

You can even buy the ticket for the concert of your favorite artists.

Visit Shazam


My Cloud Music Offline

My Cloud Music Offline great free music player apps for iphone

This is another cool offline music app which doesn’t need internet access to play your music. You can store your music in the free cloud storages such as iCloud drive and Dropbox.

This music player app allows you to background music playback with headphones and remote control support.

You can import your music from Mac/PC, Wifi transfer, iTunes file sharing, which will help you in keeping your favorite music on other devices you want.

Visit My Cloud Music Offline

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Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio worthy free music radio apps for iphone

This is a popular offline music app for iPhone, which gives you the access to the on-demand millions of songs(in subscription). The app consists of the patented offline mode which provides a dynamic personalization to your playlists.

This popular music player app is also available for the different platforms including mobile, car stereo etc.

The app has two modes other than the free one; one is the Slacker Radio Plus which is available for $3.99/month and the other one is Slacker Radio premium, which is available for $9.99/month.

Visit Slacker Radio


Here, I rest my list for some best free music apps for iPhone. I hope you would find them useful for your iPhone, and if they are useful to you, then please share the article with others too.
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