Amazon Blended Reality Display can let you try cloths virtually.

Amazon Blended Reality Display

Amazon’s Smart Mirror or Blended Reality Display Patent indicates that Amazon is working on something disruptive again. It will change online shopping experience forever.

Amazon Blended Reality Credit Amazon

There are Online portals which let you try Eye Ware online. But there never has been such service for items of clothing.

Amazon also acquired a Startup “Body Labs” last year, which specializes in AI, Computer Vision & Body Modeling.  BodyLabs boasts it’s human-aware AI. A Human Aware AI in body modeling can recognize way a person moves. So it can predict how we will behave in a certain environment.

Apart from body labs, Amazon’s Echo Look is also a move in a similar category.  Amazon’s echo look is not yet commercially available. You can have it if Amazon invites you or buy from someone who got it.

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Echo Look catalogs your photos while you try different dresses, you can then examine your look on their App. Amazon might combine these three features to bring us a whole new clothing and fashion experience.

Apart from these, “in-progress” technologies, Amazon has already stepped into Fashion and Clothing line by launching Amazon Fashion. They are also developing smart AI algorithms to come up with clothing designs.

The smart algorithm will combine different clothing patterns to generate new ones. Not to mention this is under research only, but Amazon intends to use it for new fashion ideas.

Imagine the burden it will take off from merchants who have to bear shipping cost of canceled purchases. And it will save the consumer a lot of time as well.

Amazon’s Blended Reality patent is a step in direction of fashion Industry or even Augmented Reality.

Amazon vs Google

Amazon’s step can be seen as an addition to long series of competitive steps taken by Amazon to counter Google. It’s a known fact that Amazon and Google are competing on so many levels. It may or may not be good for consumers.

But Amazon and Google are not only ones in this game, Cisco has also similar patent by title Virtual FaCsion Mirror System.

Cisco’s Virtual fashion Mirror System Credit Cisco


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