Today, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath of Uttar Pradesh has announced that 60,000 villages of Uttar Pradesh will be linked with the Start-up India programme. The announcement was made in IIT Kanpur.

The reason behind connecting the 60,000 villages to the Start-up India programme is to reach the technology and the employment to the villages so that the villagers won’t need to move out of the villages.

According to this programme, the villagers will learn about the technology and various public welfare schemes, which would play a huge role in the nation’s development, if the things will go on like they meant to be.

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The chief minister laid the foundation of the project by himself with the amount of Rs 7876.17 crore, which seems to be a fair amount for the initialization of programme.

Even in the past, we have seen so many promises for the Startup programmes in India, but nothing seemed to be ground-breaking in order to nurture the entrepreneurs in India.
Not much has been seen for the actual development for Startups in India, apart from the huge promises on paper and during the press meets. But this one is different from the usual promises for the startups in India.
It’s been seen that many of the villagers in India are migrating from their villages to cities in search of a better employment so that they can earn for their family. If this programme will proceed as it has been promised by the Chief Minister of UP, then this would play a life-changing role for Indian villagers.
Creating a better and a sustainable startup programmes in villages might lead to the lesser migrations of the villager toward the cities in search of their livelihood.
We can hope for the better results for this announcement than the past ones. We will update you with more about this, whenever we will get any information about it.
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