It was quite shocking for the twitter followers of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange when they tried to search for the Julian Assange’s official Twitter page and got an error “that page does not exist”.

Julian Assange’s official Twitter account @JulianAssange got vanished from Twitter around 7:00 PM on Christmas Eve, according to Tech Crunch. Next morning at around 10 AM, Assange’s Twitter account was backed up with a mystery behind it.

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Although there is no response from Twitter to this mystery, the count of Twitter followers of Assange also dropped below 10,000 after the incident but now the followers of Assange seems to be back again.

Just after half an hour after getting back online, the restored account of Assange posted one of the donation solicitation with a short video of a dog.

As the account was down for more than 12 hours, hence people have already created their own stories behind the mysterious downtime of the Assange’s twitter account. But there is no response from the Assange and Wikileaks regarding this incident.

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There are some rumors that Assange’s twitter account was suspended due to the habit of posting personal information about many of the highly decorated personals.

A little bird gave us an information that Assange’s account got suspended because he was going to disclose some important information about an upcoming investigation, but there is no such significant proof of the authenticity of the information.

Assange is living in the Ecuadorian embassy in London since 2012. He is living in the embassy since after he was declared as the wanted for a rape case in Sweden which he denies.

The Vanishing of Julian’s twitter account seems to be a mystery as there are no such lights on the incidents by Wikileaks or Julian Assange.

We will update you on the mysterious incidents whenever it will get covered off.

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