Google has shared a working prototype on Github for a new Open Source Operating System as Google Fuchsia. This underdevelopment OS will supposedly run on all hardware platforms when completed like IOTs, ATMs, Watches, Phones, computers etc.
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There were rumors floating around since last year that Google is working on an OS to replace Chrome OS. The new OS will supposedly work on most Smartphones, Smartwatches, desktops and laptops.

Google has been pioneer of technologies since decades. Like SpaceX we can rely on Google to impress humanity with their feat.

But Google never made it public, neither they have till now. Just a Github repo that shows Google’s intentions crystell clear.

Google Fuchsia

In August 2016, Google published Fuchsia code on Github. Since then much progress have been made on the Google Fuchsia. The Google already has ChromeOS on chromebooks but they were not able to replace windows.

Fuchsia may support multiplatform functionality like

  • Internet of things appliances

  • traffic lights

  • ATMs

  • smartwatches
  • smartphones

  • tablets

  • desktops having ARM/ MIPS / Intel x86 processors.

Fuchsia is based on Zircon formerly known as Magenta. The Zircon is based on microkernel architecture, which is a design model for embedded systems.

In case of Furchisa, Google has moved away from Linux kernel to a new microkernel for new business needs.

Language support in Fuchsia

Fuchsia has gained support from following languages

Dart Programming Language

It is Google’s own programming language, called Dart for Fuchsia. Basically, Dart is a multipurpose programming language. It’s used for building the mobile apps, web apps, & the light apps for the Internet of Things applications.

Flutter Framework

Google recently brought a framework to build apps for both iOS & android. The Flutter Framework is in development phase, but it is known for it’s efficiency, faster build time, high performance apps and cross platform support.

Google Fuchsia might have inbuilt language support with cross platform application development. This indicates that we may be able to create code once and run it anywhere.

This will decrease overall development , production, Testing & Roll out time.


In Aug 2016 the Android Police notified that Fuchsia may have Escher rendering with OpenGl.

The Escher rendering has great features like Volumetric soft shadows, Color bleeding, Light diffusion and Lens effect.

Swift Support

This month Fuchsia added support for Swift language , indicating cross platform support toward iOS as well.

Future Avenues for Futura

Futura very well be a good candidate for a multiplatform , independent , robust, userfriendly and modern OS. This will run on all major platforms thereby increasing portability and interoperability.

If Futura is rolled out commercially , according to us, it will get same traction as Java & Linux got in their inital years.

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