After weeks of announcing the plan of sending a car to space with the announcement of Falcon Heavy rocket, Elon Musk finally reveals the first look of the Tesla Roadster. Musk reveals 7 pictures of the promising Tesla Roadster of red color from the SpaceX headquarters.

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These 7 photos were posted from the Elon Musk’s official Instagram account which contains a red Tesla Roadster attached between the two halves of a rocket cap.

After the SpaceX rocket engine explosion, Elon Musk is getting more aware of the odds which can take place during the flight. hence he stated that instead of carrying the valuable payloads and people on the first flight, it would be better to send a Tesla Roadster.

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Usually, the test flights contain the concrete and steel as the payload, but according to Elon Musk, it’s too boring. “Concrete” or “steel bricks” — conventional dummy payloads — is too “boring,” he wrote on Instagram.

This will be the first flight for the  Falcon Heavy, which is the world’s most powerful rocket of all time. Falcon Heavy puts the three strapped together which add enough thrust to make it the most powerful rocket of the world. This will help the SpaceX to send the heavier payloads to space in the future.

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Musk already gave a hint of about the Tesla Roadster in April by saying that he was planning to send the silliest thing with Falcon Heavy rocket. On 1st December Musk finally revealed the name of Tesla Roadster for the Falcon Heavy trip.

Musk is known for his out of the box decisions, taking the decision of putting the Tesla Roadster as the payload, not the valuable stuff and people, as he also knows that first flight could end or begin with an explosion which he mentioned in his post.

Let’s hope for the desired launch of the world’s most powerful rocket with one of the most powerful car.

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