Spoiler Alert! Undisputedly the Best Search Engine of 2017 is Google ;D. Jokes apart, It’s obviously clear that Google is far on the top of the sky in terms of comparison with the other web search engines. Even though we can’t compare the other web search engines with Google, but if anyhow you want to try something else, then you must have a look at the top search engines listed below in this article.

Why do we need alternative Search Engines to Google?

This could be the question you might be stuck with. Yup this is a good question, and I do have an answer to that too. I will explain you this with one example: What will happen if there will be only a single Mall in a city to get every daily need? Obviously, the Mall will have only those items which have a good margin of profits even though they are not of better quality.

Similarly, if there will be only a single search engine on the internet, then there will be a good chance of monopoly of that single search engine.

We all are familiar with the Google ads on the top of the search results which favors some of the websites those who pay Google to get that position for the relevant keyword search. Hence we can’t say that the results we see in search are legitimate.

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Best Search Engines for 2018

Here are the best search engines on the internet which might give you more search flexibilities. Let’s start with the obvious one:

1. Google Search

Google Search
Google Search

It is an unwritten truth that Google is by far the top Web search engine of all time, It began as the project of two students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. But that project was never submitted and it was launched as the search engine on the internet and became the most valuable search engine.

Almost every internet user uses the Google’s search engine for searching anything, even you might have reached this article through Google.

Then why do we need alternative search engines to Google? Apart from the things I have told you in the above section, there are some of the dark Google search engine hidden secrets which might force you to change your default Web search engine.

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2. Bing Search

bing Search

Bing was known as the MSN search until it was updated as the Bing search engine. This search engine belongs to the Microsoft, which tried it to give a tough competition to the Google search engine and became the second most popular search engine of the era.

Bing covers the second largest part of market i.e of 19.4% (after the largest part of Google of 67.3%) which is much lesser than the Google’s share in the market. But It’s worth to try this Web search engine which is also empowered by the Yahoo! search too and one of the Biggest company(Microsoft) backing it.

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Bing has the best eye-catching homepages transition ever. You find a lot more than just a Web Search engine on Bing.com, such as the frequently changing background, news from around the world, shortcuts to Facebook, Twitter and Skype and much more which makes it one of the best alternative search engines to Google.

Visit Bing

3. Duck Duck Go Search

duckduckgo search
duckduckgo search

If you love your privacy, then you will definitely love this fastest growing Web search engine for maintaining your privacy. This is clearly mentioned on their homepage that they don’t track you.

At first look, you will find Duck Duck Go similar to Google, but there are some things which are pretty much lovable about this fastest growing search engine such as its Do Not Track policy and the Ad-free search(almost), unlike Google which shows a bunch of ads first, then the legitimate results.

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In terms of search, Duck Duck Go search engine is far from the Google search, but if you love your privacy then you must give a try to one of the efficient alternative search engines to Google.

Visit DuckDuckGo

4. Yahoo! Search

Yahoo Search

We all are aware of the Yahoo! web search engine, but we hardly use it. Even, I visit Yahoo! mostly for the cricket scores and entertainment news and not for serious search.

Yahoo! web search engine could become one of the best internet search engines if there would be a lesser amount of ads and more amount of relevant search results.

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But if you want to try another search engine which will provide you a better privacy control than the Google’s web search.

One more thing with this popular search engine is that you will find an eye-catching and more interactive homepage just like Bing web search and hence it is one of the strongest contenders of popular alternative search engines to Google.

Visit Yahoo!

5. DogPile Search

Dogpile Search

You won’t believe but Dogpile web search engine came into existence even before Google, but it was not as much efficient as Google web search engine.

Quantcast estimated that Dogpile receives about 2 million unique visitors a month, and that too from the United States only.

Initially, Dogpile fetched the links from Ask.com, Google, Yahoo! and Yandex too and other popular search engines, but now this web search engine is powered by Bing only.

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Some of the different features which makes it worth trying are yellow pages, white pages, preferences, recent search and favorite fetches etc.

Even though the searching efficiency of this search engine is not as Google, but if you want to try something a bit different then you can give a try to this web search engine.

Visit DogPile

6. Internet Archive Search

Internet Archive Search

This is not a typical web search engine, but its a time machine called Wayback Machine of the internet which can take you to the past of the millions of websites on the internet.

Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of books, music, movies and much more and that too for free. This could be the best search engine for those who are always keen to try something different.

This website will help you in getting the old stuff from most of the websites on the Internet and that too for free. You can also become the volunteer for the Internet Archive.

Visit Internet Archive

7. Ask.com Search

Ask.com Search

This is a combination of a Question-Answer website and a web search engine. You will find the various categories with a large number of questions and answers of those categories.

I personally found this search engine results much similar to the Google’s search engine results. The results are quite relevant and the required ones.

Just like Google’s related search section on the bottom of the page, there is also a related search section on the right section of the page.

Ask.com could be the best alternative search engine to Google with a relevant and better-organized content.

Visit Ask.com

8. StartPage By IxQuick

IxQuick Search

Startpage is another popular web search engine which protects the privacy of its users. It does not track or store any of the user’s details such as cookies(except one), search data etc.

This web search engine shows the top ten results from multiple search engines. Startpage can search in 17 different languages.

As we have mentioned above that Startpage only stores the single cookie( ‘Preferences’), which is not stored automatically and used for the future searches of the user. The preferences are also get removed if a user does not visit for 90 days.

If you have ever used the TOR browser, then you would be pretty much familiar with the IxQuick, as it was also used as the default search engine for TOR, but got replaced by DuckDuckGo.

You must give a try to this anonymous web search engine if you love your anonymity as I do.

Visit IxQuick

9. Yandex Search

Yandex Search

Yandex is a Russia based multinational technology company, which is the most popular web search engine of Russia with the market share of about 65%.

yandex.ru is rated as the most popular website of Russia with about more than 200 million searches a day.

You will get a number of services on this single website such as Videos, Mails, Images, Browser, and Disk etc. Disk feature of Yandex is similar to the Google drive, you can store your data in the cloud through any device.

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Yandex has proved itself as the tough competitor and the best alternative to the Google web search engine. You must give a try to this multitasking and one of the best internet search engines.

Visit Yandex

I tried each of the above search engines and believe me each of them has something cool in them, which makes them the popular internet search engines on the internet and the best alternative search engines to Google.

If you find this article useful, then please rate the article with 5 stars. Also if you have some other search engines on your list which you think are also best alternative search engines, then please comment below to let us know.




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