After deliberately rolling out the new update to slow down the former iPhones, now Apple is going to provide the cheaper battery for the older iPhones. Apple apologized in a message “We know that some of you feel Apple has let you down. We apologize”.

Apple gave an explanation regarding the latest update which it rolled out. The company clarified the need for the new update, which is literally not digestible.

Now after clarifying the need of the new update, Apple is temporarily dropping down the prices for the batteries of the iPhone 6 and later versions to $29 from January, which will again get back to the original price of $79 in 2019.

Even though the iPhones are not known for their batteries, Apple is justifying the new update by saying that they want to improve the battery life of the older phones.

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Everyone is upset with the new software update which has deliberately slowed down the older iPhones, but the company is still saying that they have done this to improve the performance of the older phones.

Many of users thought that Apple has done that deliberately to increase the sales of newer iPhones, which seems to be true, as even in past Apple has done the same by removing the earphone jacks.

A number of cases have been filed against Apple for slowing down their phones. In some of the countries, this type of practice is an offensive crime, which can lead to the imprisonment of the authorities of the guilty company.

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A statement has been given from Apple that they will roll out a new update in future, which will give users more visibility over the iPhone’s battery.

They also said that they would never do anything which would degrade the users’ experience.

Apple said that rolling out the new update for slowing down the iPhones and optimizing the battery life was in thought from last year when many of the users reported their devices were getting shut down frequently.

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Although Apple is saying that changing the batteries of your older iPhones will overcome the slowness of your phone after the new update. But changing the batteries of iPhones is not as easier as it is on some phones, you will need to take the phones to Apple store for changing the batteries. It’s pretty much difficult and riskier to change the batteries by yourself.

Even though the giant is trying to protect itself by providing a lollipop of discounts on the batteries, the question is why would anyone has to pay for the battery for the fault of the company.

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