5G technology is set to arrive by 2020. Speed of 5 G will upgrade connectivity for good. The average speed for 5G network is expected to range from 1 GBPS to 10 GBPS. The 5G wireless is also going to be as much fast.


5G Launch Year, Expectations!

The 5G Network is set to launch in 2020. Industries are working toward a practical business solution that can be rolled out without breaking previous markets.

The 5G specification indicates that the speed for the new network will range from 1 GBPS to maximum 10 GBPS per connection.

Months of discussions and meeting finally concluded the standards. The past learning of LTE and 3G will shape the 5 G. Hopefully the 5G will be able to overcome the bottlenecks of previous networks.

In contrast, the 4 G connection speed ranges from 20 MBPS ~ 1 GBPS. So, you can expect a sharp rise in overall network performance from 5 G onwards.

Even though the technology for the 5 G existed the standards for not available to regulate the network and subscriptions.

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An organization called 3GPP unites seven Telecom standard organization (ARIB, ATIS, CCSA, ETSI, TSDSI, TTA, TTC). The 3 GPP will release the final draft of-of specs by June 2018.

3GPP members have approved standards for commercial 5 G products, this standard is called Non-Standalone (NSA) 5 G New Radio (NR) Standards.

AT&T 5G wireless network will come in no time once the market is ready.

Steps to Integrate the new 5 G Network

It will take a considerable amount of time to update the existing network to co-exist with new 5 G and to roll out the 5 G by 2o2o. Some experts are hoping that a full-fledged 5 G will be rolled out by the year 2022 in developing nations.

Integration with existing mobile network towers

There is a massive debate over the radiation that is spread by the Mobile Towers. Amidst this debate whether the mobile towers should stay in urban areas rolling out 5 G tech is the risky move.

Not to mention, local authorities are concerned the carcinogenic effects of low height mobile towers. And a lot of nations like India & Brazil might take strict action against the installation of such towers in high population density areas.

Integration with Mobile Telephony

The existing mobile devices are predominately 3G, a minority of these devices are 4g. Amidst these devices launching 5 G is again a risky business proposition.

Leading mobile chip manufacturer, however, showed positive response when asked about the 3GPP’s move. Qualcomm performed its first 5g test in Oct 2017.


About 5 G Wireless

The 5G specification encompasses a broad range of frequency spectrum.  The 5G spectrum will range 600~700 MHz low bands, 3.50 ~ 50 GHz for medium bands & 50+ GHz for High bands.

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