Renewable Energy might be the only thing that can save humanity from its self-destructing fuel consumption behaviour.  India is one of many nations that is leading the world to use Renewable Energy for their daily fuel needs. These five Renewable Energy Startups are disrupting Indian fuel market ecosystem for good.

Renewable Energy Startup India

Since the landmark, Kyoto Protocol brought many countries together to bind themselves into an agreement that restricts Carbon Emission. India is one of such countries that is working to change Its Industrial fabric to be harmonious with the environment.

Renewable Energy Startups ecosystem

Since India provides a good environment for startups, a lot of good startups have emerged. By June 2011, Renewable Energy in India amounts to 18.5 GW, not including energy generated from Hydro Electric plants. Of entire 18.5 GW of Renewable Energy, about 80% came from Wind. India has indeed a huge market for renewable energy.

New policy about Renewable Energy is pretty ambitious. India wants to produce 100 GW by solar energy only. If India continues to rise in a similar pattern, it will take over global rank by 2030.

Somehow these 4 Renewable Energy Startups are the very result of India’s pro-environment policies. Together these  Startups have combined funding of over 1.3 Billion Dollars as of 2017. As the fuel price is rising and with favourable government policies, Renewable Energy Startups seems to present a very good investment opportunity.

So Here are these 4 Startups that are about to disrupt energy market in India forever.

1. ReNew Power Ventures

ReNew Power Ventures is the startup with most funding and presence in India. So far the Startup has amassed about $ 740 Million in four rounds Private Equity Corporate Minority funding combined.

As ReNew’s main products are Solar and Wind energy conversions. Since they have a presence in 7 Indian States, the projections are pretty good. The Renew has achieved landmark success in energy assets. They hold up to 2.3 Giga Watts of Energy Assets.

So this means the energy assets of ReNew Power Ventures are close to Hoover Dam’s energy generation at Full capacity. The Renewable Energy Startup is offsetting 3.8 Million tons of CO2 per year.


Ostro is also in Solar and Wind Energy vectors. They are currently working on 10 projects across India. The clean energy business by Ostro plans to develop 1000 MW of renewable energy plants by the year 2019.

The Ostro has the US $ 280 Million in private equity funding from Actis. The Investor Actis is a venture capitalist firm that has been investing in Clean Energy projects in all over the world.

Ostro has excelled mostly in Wind Energy Projects. Its energy assets total up to 1GW, which is about half of ReNew Power Ventures. But given its presence and investment, I’d say it’s doing pretty good.

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Sitac Re is Delhi based company and it is operating in Wind Energy Vertical. It has about 830 MW project in its pipeline and it is growing fast thanks to government projects. Sitac Re has an investment of 170 Million US dollars in the corporate minority.

The private energy firm has tied with Inox Wind Ltd for various supply and commissioning needs. Even with its small operation, generating jobs and revenue in various states.

The Sitac Re has an impressive progress report, as it has presence mostly in the State of Gujarat India Only. Even then it was able to secure such a hefty investment. Since they are hardly serving 10 districts and serving only government projects, the projections are quite bright.

4. Amplus Energy Solutions

Amplus Energy Solutions has Distributed Owner / Operator model for Solar Panels. The Amplus makes and operates distributed solar rooftop solar panels. The business model fits both commercial and industrial consumers as their client base. With a revenue projected to over 3.1 million USD this year only, the company is showing good signs.

The Renewable Energy Startup has already an investment of $150 Million from “I Squared Capital”, and it is in talks for its next round of investment already. It has installed 17,7000 kW capacity solar power plant in Maharashtra, and one 42,000 kW plant is underway.

Amplus Solar had acquired another Renewable Energy company, Sun Edison’s Indian counterpart. Sun Edison’s Indian counterpart had a diverse portfolio in Rooftop solar energy system.

Amplus stands out from other startups as it provides services because of it’s Solar Power as a Service (SPaaS) business model. If an Industry or people do not want to buy solar panels because of the hassles. As they can rent them from Amplus on a contract basis, Amplus will maintain their power plant.

Amplus has partnered with Walmart, Yamaha Motors, Dominos, Hilton Hotels, Fortis Hospitals etc to provide solar power at in their establishments using solar energy.

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