It’s been a while, we all were waiting for new Whatsapp update, obviously because of some of its new features which were quite in demand. One of the most awaited features which I was waiting for a long time is “Delete for Everyone”. I guess we all were waiting for this WhatsApp feature from a long time. But I don’t know why this feature took that much time to arrive.  This new WhatsApp feature was demanded by so many users even in the WhatsApp review on Playstore. But the good thing is; it is finally now in the recent update.
New WhatsApp Features
New WhatsApp Features

Almost every smartphone user on this planet has WhatsApp installed on their phone. And we use WhatsApp rather than the inbuilt standard messenger to send messages.  Hence we rely much more on WhatsApp for daily conversations.

The new WhatsApp update is the one which was the most awaited update of WhatsApp. Let’s tweak into the features of New WhatsApp version

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New WhatsApp Features:

1. Delete for Everyone

This is the one for which I was waiting and surely many of you too. Sometimes we are very careless while forwarding a message or sometimes we send a message to the wrong recipient by mistake.

In previous versions of WhatsApp, we could only delete the messages from our phone only. But now we can delete the messages from everyone’s phone to which we have sent that message.

New WhatsApp Delete for Everyone Feature
New WhatsApp Delete for Everyone Feature

You will have to be a bit fast to delete the messages from others phone. This is because you will be only able to delete the messages from everyone’s device upto7 minutes.

Both of the phones i.e. sender and receiver must have the new WhatsApp update installed in their phone, otherwise, this feature won’t work.

Whenever you or anyone else will delete the message by “Delete for everyone” option, sender and receiver/receivers will see “This message was deleted” in place of the message which was deleted.

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How To Use WhatsApp “Delete for Everyone” feature

  • Update the WhatsApp to its new version if you don’t have the one installed. Make sure that the recipient must also have the new WhatsApp version in their phone.
  • Select the message you want to delete for everyone.
  • Now you will see a dialog box containing 3 options; “Delete for Me”, “Cancel” and “Delete for Everyone”.
  • Delete for Me option will delete the message from your phone only, basically the previous delete feature.
  • Select the “Delete for Everyone” option to delete the message from everyone’s device. Also, keep in mind that the message will not be deleted from the recipient’s phone after 7 minutes.

2. Live Location

Before this WhatsApp update, users could only share their current location. But in latest WhatsApp update users can also send their live location.

When you will share your live location, the recipient will be getting the details of your locations with your movement.

You will be able to share your location for 3-time durations; 15 minutes, 1 hour and 8 hours.

Again you won’t share your live locations with the users who are not having the new WhatsApp update installed on their phone.

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How To Use WhatsApp “Live Location” Feature

  • Go to the chat group or user to whom you want to share your live location.
  • Now go to the attachment > Location.
 WhatsApp Live Location Feature
WhatsApp Live Location Feature
  • Tap on the live location.
WhatsApp Live Location Duration
WhatsApp Live Location Duration
  • Select the time duration for which you want to share your live location.
  • That’s it, you have successfully sent your live location.
  • Selecting a time duration doesn’t force you to share your location for that duration, you can stop sharing your live location by tapping on the “Stop Sharing” option on the bottom of the location attachment you have sent.

That’s it with the new WhatsApp features which we were waiting a long period. I hope you liked the article, Please share this article with others too and also like our facebook page to get the latest tech feed on facebook.



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