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Free Data Recovery Softwares for Windows for the Best Data Recovery

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Free Data Recovery Softwares for windows that recover deleted files without purchasing a pro version are presented in this article.
The Data Recovery has always been a hassle for us, mostly due to unavailability of a good data recovery software. Today we bring you a detailed tutorial on data recovery from your computer.

There are many softwares available on the Internet, but we suggest you use ones with the good review.

That is so because there are a lot of softwares that steal your data and actually harm your system.

This is a series of three article, covering various data recovery methods.

  • In Part-I you will learn to recover lost data from your Windows Machine

  • Part II contains step by step guide to perform data recovery on your Linux and Mac

  • Part III will cover Android and iPhone data recovery.

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Data Recovery

Before going into the process of Data Recovery, let me give you a basic idea how OS stores the data.

Don’t worry we are not going to learn intrinsic technical details, just a rough idea.

However, It is not mandatory to know how data is stored, but it is advisable because of the nature of technical involvement required.

If you know how data is stored then it will help you

  • Better understand what to expect from recovered data.
  • What to do when the data is deleted.

Data is basically the string of 0 and 1 stored in computer’s memory. Each file has a Header, and Trailer or End of File (EOF) String.

This Header and EOF are special strings. The Header helps OS understand what kind of file is it? , its size, and authenticity etc.

Best Data Recovery Software Data Storage Example
Data Storage Example

For example, the header of MP3 file helps OS understand the size, type etc. information about the file. EOF is a special unique string that tells the OS that where the file has ended.

Now it is not smart for an OS to find a file every time it is requested since there are millions of these is there. So, instead of searching the file in memory, the OS keeps a smart register that indexes these files.

Whenever a program requests a file, the OS simply takes the name of the file and refers the register for the starting address of the file. We won’t get into the details of that.

The header is explored for the size and type of the file and OS extracts the file for the application to use it.

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What happens when you delete the file?

It is very resource-intensive for any OS to go and delete every byte from the memory. So almost every OS is designed to remove the Index information. When Index Information is removed, it is considered as “Deleted”.

Best Data Recovery Software
Deletion of a file by Index Erasing
Best Data Recovery Software
File System Index after Deletion of a File

How Data Recovery Softwares Undelete a file?

So basically, removing index information doesn’t remove the file itself, just the name of it. Almost every data recovery software looks for Header patterns for different kind of files in Memory.

Once there is a match, the software decodes the header and calculates the size of the file and recover the calculated chunk from memory.

When Data Recovery Software won’t bring your data back?

Since now we know that how an OS stores data & addresses the files, we must understand that there are conditions where it is almost little or no possibility of getting our data back.

Scenario #1 Data is overwritten

If your data is overwritten then there is absolutely no possibility of recovery.

Data being overwritten simply means that the memory location where your data was earlier now has different data.

Scenario #2 Data was encrypted, to begin with.

In this case, if the data is encrypted and it’s deleted then it won’t be recovered, unless of course, the encryption is in known file type, like RAR, Zip, tar.gz etc.

This happens because the data recovery softwares are generally very complicated piece of code, bundled together to somehow work.

The recovery codes work on best guesses, and pattern matching. The encryption hides the data patterns and for recovery softwares, this encrypted data is as good as garbage value.

You might be thinking, why is it so ? isn’t encrypted file is just a file in the end?

And you are partially right ! that is why the data recovery software are able to recover known file type that supports encryption, but not unknown types, like .dat or .xyz .

A good example of such encryption is Ransomware. Since the data is encrypted and removed from indexing, the data recovery and most decrypting softwares are unable to bring back that highly encrypted data.

Scenario # 3 Storage medium is corrupted or destroyed.

This particular part is partially true, most data recovery softwares won’t recover your data if the Storage Medium is corrupted or destroyed.

Free Data Recovery Softwares

There are many data recovery software out there, many of them are good and do the job. The software we are presenting here are the ones we found most useful.

You can try one or more depending on the what results in you get.  I included the software that are either completely free or has a free version that undeletes files without a premium subscription.

Data Recovery Softwares for Windows, Mac & Linux.

In Windows there are plenty of software out there, we are presenting only those free software, which are I have used & what I find effective.

1 Recuva

Among the free ones, Recuva is by far one the best data recovery software there is.

Our objective is simple, we want to recover a file or files that are deleted, even from recycle bin. Recuva is free for file recovery, & that’s all we need.

But if you want to recover damaged partitions with professional support, you may want to check out their professional version.

Steps to Use

  1. Download the Recuva from their official website, mentioned in the at end of this section.
  2. Make sure you have additional storage to put your recovered data in.
    • If you want to recover data from hard disk, try to put recovered data in External Flash Drive, or External Drive.
    • If there are no external media at hand, at least try to keep the recovered data in other partition.
  3. Click on Start Recovery
  4. You have recovered files and folder in destination drive/folder.

Recuva can recover deleted files, photos, music, videos, documents, & almost every kind of file.

This software can recover data from Deleted files, corrupted file systems, formatted hard drives and even damaged HDDs.

Best Data Recovery Software Data scan
Recuva Interface
Best Data Recovery Software Data scan
Recuva Scanning Results
1.5 GB discovered in 5 seconds

Download Recuva Data Recovery Software from here


2 Puran File Recovery Software

Puran File Recovery Software is more of old-school file recovery software.

Puran data recovery software gives you three options to recover your deleted files.

The Deep Scan – Quick scan to scan entire free space, on your hard drive. It scans byte by byte to detect a start bit of every known file extension, hence takes a lot of time.

Full Scan – Full scan will force the software to perform a Quick Scan + Deep Scan of entire empty space. By empty space, we mean that space the OS considers re-writable.

Free File Rcovery Software Puran Interface
Puran File Recovery Interface First Results (14 seconds ) (2 GB data preview)

On the positive side, it lets you choose the file extensions to recover but you cannot use it on external drives.

The Downside of this software is that it doesn’t let you so much.

You may want to recover data from pen drives and external drives, and when I used it, no flash drive was shown. So it doesn’t work on external media, I guess.

Download Puran Data Recovery Software from here

3 Wise Data Recovery Software

Wise Data Recovery Software is Windows Only software. Its size is just 3 MB and it scans really fast.

I was amazed at the speed it scanned my 100 GB SSD partition that I had to recheck if it was working properly.

And as amazing as it was, there were all the deleted text files on its result page.

Free File Rcovery Software Wise Data Recovery Interface
Wise Data Recovery Software Data Recovery Preview
Scanning done in 4.5 seconds

Features of Wise Data Recovery

  • Can retrieve documents such as word, excel, text etc.
  • Restore image formats, such as .jpg, .png, .gif etc.
  • Retrieve email file, such as .eml
  • Can recover other data such as audio, video, archive
  • Recover files from removable drives, like iPods, MP3 players etc.
  • View the status of the data to be recovered
  • Search feature to find the results.

As output, you get a “Windows Explorer” Kind of list. You can sort the file by name, size, date, last modified date, recoverability status, and path.

The only issue I faced ever, while I used this software that sometimes it doesn’t scan flash drives very good. I tried multiple flash drives and it worked 70% of the time.

Another downside is that the resulting files don’t stay in their source folder.

Download Wise Data Recovery Software from here


4 CD / DVD / Blu-Ray DVD Data  Recovery

Even though the CD and DVD are no longer a regular pack and parcel of our daily digital life, but we might need them.

Often the CD and DVD get corrupted, & we have no way to read it with the windows explorer.

I like this software a lot because it is probably the only software that recovers data from CD/DVD disks.

CD Recovery Toolbox can recover from DVD/CD/ HD-DVD/ and Blu Ray disks. Files can be recovered even though there is mechanical damage.

Although not all files and folders can be recovered it is certainly possible to find the pattern of data and recover it.

Free File Rcovery Software CD Recovery Toolbox Interface
CD / DVD Recovery Tool

Download CD Recovery Toolbox Data Recovery Software

5 Undelete 360

Undelete 360 has a fabulous interface. Just one look on this software & user knows what to do.

It has a typical With the looks of a typical MS Office 2003. And I don’t mean it as a criticism, it’s actually a compliment.

Free File Rcovery Software Undelete 360 Interface Interface
Undelete 360 Interface

If Only you have used freeware then you would know, the agony of bad UI.

Following are the features of Undelete 360

  • Supports recovery of almost every known file type in regular usage. Like doc html mp3 jpeg png etc.

  • Contains inbuilt data wiping tool which erases your data with string of zeros

  • Hex Viewer if you need to preview files before recovery

  • Supports HDD SSD Flash drive etc. except CD / DVD you can recover data from any drive

Free File Rcovery Software Undelete 360 Interface Interface
Undelete 360 Drive List
Free File Rcovery Software Undelete 360 Interface Interface
Undelete 360 Scanning Results 1.5 GB confirmed in 6~10 seconds

Download Undelete 360 Data Recovery Software

Hope you find this article useful, If you have any suggestions, views, or questions please feel free to ask.

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