There are millions of Android Games on Play Store in today’s date, but there are certainly some of the best Android games of all time which I am going to talk about. The download numbers of android games have even surpassed “Billion”, which means they are being downloaded by almost every Android user.

20 Best Android Games of All Time

Let’s get started with our list of some of those amazing Android games which have been proved as the weed for the Android phone users:

Last Day on Earth: Survival

If you love to kill zombies(in games), then this games is for you. Last Day on Earth is a best free zombie shooter and survival game available in Play Store. The target of the game is simple: stay alive and kill those dead walking zombies.

Play this android game with other clans too, you can connect them with the chat feature in the game. You will need to fight for everything in this game, but this will make yourself more attached to the game.

Your player will get a sort of tools and machines through which you can make your own modified and deadly weapons. You will need to create everything from scratch in this game.

Although this game is available for free on Play Store, there will be a number of game items which can be purchased through the real money.

Download from Play Store

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Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles

This game will always be on the chart of the free puzzle Android games offline, because of the simplicity and addictivity of this game. You will be given a number of tasks to complete with your imaginary power.

Download this game if you are a physics lover and always keen towards the working of physics laws and rules, don’t worry, you won’t ask to solve any numerical or equations.

This game is also available for free on play store. Download this free android game from the link below.

Download from Play Store

 The Walking Dead: Series

This game was firstly available on PlayStation 3, then after a while, this game was launched on the play store. With an overall rating of 4.5 and more than a million reviews, this app ranked among the top best android games free of all time.

You will experience an amazing gameplay while playing this game as the graphics and storyline of this game will bind you to this game until it ends.

This is among the free best android games available on the play store. Download this game to test your skills of killing zombies.

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Download from Play Store

Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s adventure is a snowboarding game, but it’s not the usual snowboarding game. This game was nominated for the Google play award 2016.

You will love the gameplay and the visuals of this game. It’s quite simple with its one-touch control which will let you down the beautiful hills and mountains performing the backflips.

This game covers all of the lists of best android games for kids whether on Android or on iOS.

That Level Again: Series

This is one of best puzzle android games to tease your brain. You have no idea, how good this game is. This game has forced me to use my brain up to an extreme point.

The thing which makes this game different from the other games available on play store is its unique gameplay.

Sometimes you will have to make your phone on vibration to clear the stage and sometimes you will need to lock your phone to clear the stages.

That Level Again: The Best Android Games of All Time

I will personally recommend this game and it will always be on my list of free best android strategy games of all time.
Download from Play Store


Machinarium is full of Adventures with lots of brain-teasing puzzles. This game is literally for those legends, who can take their level of brain testing to a higher level.

This game consists of a number of adventures with quite interesting puzzles all around.

You will definitely love this game if you are a puzzle solver. This game is not for free on play store, but this game is more worthy than its price on play store.

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Download from Play Store

 Shadow Fight: 2, 3

I guess you all have played this shadow fight 2 on your smartphone or of someone else’s phone. If not, then you must install this game as well as its third part, you will experience a hardcore gameplay with a feeling of a savior.

As Nekki(the developer company of shadow fight) says these games are the literally nail-biting mix of RPG and classical fighting which makes it one of the best fighting android games for free.

You can equip your character with numerous weapons and armors and can perform a various martial arts techniques to crush your enemies.

Shadow fight 3 was released a week before, but this game is literally looking a tough competitor for its former part.

Download from Play Store

Riptide GP: Renegade

It is an action-arcade water racing game, You will experience the future of hydrojet racing in this game with death-defying stunts. You will be a hydrojet rider who will be forced to race illegally through the city waterways, flooded ruins and so on.

You can unlock a number of astonishing vehicles as well as the new characters too whenever you take down an opponent or a boss

This game can be played online with up to 8-players and also locally in the split-screen mode with up to 4 players.

Download from Play Store


Limbo has won more than 100 game awards including IGN’s “Best Horror Game”, now you can guess that why I need to include this game in my list of the best horror Android games of all time.

This game has the black & white theme, which generates an epic thrill and a different attachment to the game.

Limbo includes the combo of adventure and puzzles, which will make you stick with the game until it gets ended.

Download from Play Store

Rayman Adventures

If you want to play a light game which is a combination of action and exploration, then this might be the game that you should give a try.

You will get detailed and amazing visuals in this game with quite easy controls.

Seek out for the Incrediballs in the game and bring them back to home and these Incrediballs will help you further in the adventures.

Your adventure will include the fights with minotaurs and many other monsters in this game and journey via various mysterious places.

Download from Play Store

DISTRAINT: Pocket Pixel Horror

Distrant is a 2D psychological horror adventure game which was initially released on PC only, but due to its popularity, it was released on Android too.

This is one of the highest rated game with 4.9 stars and more than a million downloads.

The game includes a mysterious and horror story which will amaze you with its climax. It will take a bit time to figure out the story going of the game.

If you are a mystery solver and have a deep love for horror(like me), then give a try to this game. This game is on the top of the horror genre of free best android games.

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Download from Play Store

Hitman GO

This game is a beautifully designed turn-based game with diorama-style set pieces. You will have to push your thinking to take every single move in this game.

The game includes mesmerizing model-style visuals with a challenging game story to complete.

You will need to disguise yourself sometimes, and sometimes you will need to find the hiding spots to save yourself from enemies. As you will play the role of Hitman, so obviously you will have sniper rifles and even iconic silverballers.

Different game strategies will be needed to complete the game levels, sometimes silently and sometimes forcefully.

Download from Play Store

Clash of Clans

I don’t think that there is any need to say anything about this game, as this is one of the most rated and downloaded games of play store.

This is one of the best free android game for everyone, from a teenager to the adults of all ages.

You can build your own village and raise your clan to fight some of the epic wars in the game.

The network connection is must for this game, which might be an issue for those who have a slower internet connection. This game is also available for free on play store, but there are some in-app purchases which will be in your hands

Download from Play Store


You would love this tiny robot stumbling around in this 3-D game. This game includes 50 beautiful puzzling dioramas with a soothing gameplay.

The goal of this game is to take the tiny robot to the target position, which will test the efficiency of your brain somewhat.

As the game proceeds, the levels will get more interesting as well as tougher, but this is the beauty of this game which placed it on the list of the free strategical best android games of all time.

Download from Play Store

Real Steel World Robot Boxing

Unleashing a robot in a fight is somehow much different and cooler than the usual fighting games. I just loved the gameplay of this game as well as the idea of this game.

You can fight in a multiplayer battle which includes about 100 million “world robot boxers”. You can play it as multiplayer on wi-fi and Bluetooth network too.

It’s quite amazing to feel like a robot and fighting against millions of robots and that too without spending a penny for it.

Download from Play Store

Smash Hit

Love to break the glass? if yes, then you this one is for you buddy. You will have to throw the steel(I guess) balls to break the glasses on your path without getting hit.

Its quite like a first-person game. You can’t see the player, but whenever you swipe your fingers in the direction of the target, you will see those balls in the same direction on the target(if your aim is correct ;D).

Further in the game, when the levels will increase, you will experience a gain in speed and also in the number of balls in a single throw.

Download from Play Store

Score! Hero

Pass, Shoot, Score and become a hero, that’s what, this game is all about. This game became of the best soccer android games of all time for the soccer players, the game consists of 540 levels to complete with a number of challenges.

Soccer lovers would really appreciate the gameplay of this game, as this game gives every emotion connected with a soccer game.

In addition, this game will let you enjoy every single strike due to its free-flowing 3-D score. Enjoy the game and be a Hero.

Download from Play Store


I personally find this game pretty much addictive and free time killing, this game became of the free best addictive android games for time killing. Furthermore, this game has 3 different games in it and all of those are equally addictive and beautifully crafted.

All of the three games are of infinite mode, means you won’t be allowed to take your eyes away from the phone’s screen.

Impulse, reflex, and patience are the attributes required to play all of these games.

ThruBlu: The Best Android Games of All Time
ThruBlu: The Best Android Games of All Time
Download from Play Store

N.O.V.A. Legacy

Having a console-like experience on your phone is with this game. If you have ever played the “HALO” game on Xbox, then this game will remind you of that legendary game.

You will experience the best 3D sci-fi FPS in this game, which enhances the experience of your gameplay.

You can also play this game online with your friends up to 8 combatants, reach the top of the online leaderboards and achieve your destiny.

This game is listed amongst the best FPS Android games, which will prompt you to play it for once.

Download from Play Store

Afterpulse – Elite Army

This game is new to play store and only supports from Android 6.0 i.e Marshmallow, But this game is worth to play if you love the army mission games.

Just like Call of Duty, this game has got the breathtaking gameplay with numerous weapons to use during the missions.

The good thing about the game which will force you to download this cool game is its cost, which is $0.

You can personalize your headgear, armor, equipment, grenades and other army machine guns and can choose the best weapons for the missions.

Download from Play Store

I hope you will find these games as the breathtaking best android games of all time and if you think that there should be a game which I missed on this list, then please let me know through the comments below.

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