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4 Cool Gadgets Under Rs 1000 Online

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Today this article will be somehow different from the other articles in this Category. I will be making you aware with some of the cool gadgets which you would definitely like to buy. Please don’t think that we have been paid for bringing up these gadgets in this article. I just wanted to share some of the best gadgets to put in your gadgets list. Let’s start with the list of 4 latest cool gadgets which you won’t like to miss
5 Cool Gadgets Under ₹ 1000 Online
5 Cool Gadgets Under ₹ 1000 Online

1. Original iMars™ Mini Camera SQ11 HD Camcorder HD Night Vision 1080P Sports Mini DV Video Recorder

This Cool Gadget will give you a feel of James Bond. You will get a full HD camera with night vision and that too just in 23mm*23mm*23mm cubical camera. You can attach it to the different things to get the videos and pictures. You can even use it as for the home security purpose.

You will get the following features in this little devil:

  • SQ11 mini 1080P full HD car DVR camera recorder
  • Compact design, portable handheld
  • Support TV out, TV monitor video connection
  • Built-in lithium battery sustainable camera up to about 100 minutes
  • Support 32GB TF card max
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You can see the working and overview of this device in the video below and You can buy this amazing gadget from this link. This mini gadget is available at only Rs 920.

2. Water Bottle Caps Humidifier Air Diffuser

This is a simply best gadget to help you out whenever the odour around is not pleasable. It increases the humidity around you and will reduce the dust and bacteria too. As you can see this gadget looks like a bottle cap, which makes it quite portable and lightweight.

This cool bottle cap is bundled with the USB cable and absorbent filter sticks. Its weight is just 61 gm so you can carry it anywhere you want.

You can purchase this necessity on Amazon at only Rs 650

cool gadgets
Source: Bottle Caps Humidifier

How Does this Cool Gadget Works?

It’s not that much complex to use this bottle capped air diffuser. What you have to do is; just take a bottle filled with water and replace the cap of the bottle with this humidifier cap. Now just connect the cap with any charger through the USB cable provided with this gadget.

You can even mix any of the aromas such as room freshener in the water to get a soothing smell. You can also use this tiny gadget in a car also, by connecting it to the car charger.

This is also a power-friendly gadget, as it consumes very low power.

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 3. Spy Earpiece Bug Device

Please don’t think that I have placed this gadget on my list to help you guys in exams. But you can use this one as the spy gadget to spy on someone. This device is even smaller than the battery used in your wristwatch hence it won’t be difficult to hide it.

Firstly I thought whether I should write about this gadget or not, but after using this micro gadget I was sure to put it on my list. We don’t want to share any crap to you guys that’s why our team always make sure that whatever we write it must be authentic.

Let’s get back to this Bug device overview.  This bug is an electromagnetic wave inductive and receiving device which is designed to fit exactly in the ear canal. this cool gadget won’t work until it is connected to the ear canal.

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You can purchase this micro gadget on Amazon at only Rs 640.

Micro latest Gadgets
Spy Earpiece Bug

How Does This Micro Gadget Works?

You have to be a bit careful before using this bugging device. Clean and dry out the ears before placing it in the ear, then wear the loop set provided with the bug. Now connect the batteries and connector and then plug the jack into your phone.

Remember that the volume of your phone must be low before turning it on. Now if you are not able to hear the sound through this bug then you can gently increase the volume. Also, keep in mind that the bug must touch the ear canal, otherwise it won’t function properly.

This could be the best gadget to buy under Rs 1000 if you are a big fan of  Sherlock Holmes or James Bond.

4. Mini USB Fan gadgets with LED Clock

Maybe some of you have seen this magical gadget on youtube but many of them you haven’t. But No worries folks, I am covering this cool gadget in this article.

mini usb fan cool gadgets
Source: Amazon

I was much curious about this gadget that; how it works? how it looks in real? etc and I was just amazed at this gadget when I saw it in real. It actually looks like a magical gadget with beauty.

As its name indicates, this is a USB fan, but wait it’s not a simple USB fans which might have seen. This Fan has a LED clock too which gets visible when we switch on the fan.

This fan can be connected to a wall charger, car charger or even to your laptops and desktops. You will need to connect it to your Laptop or Desktop via USB cable, then just push the button provided on the fan.

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You can get this latest gadget through this link on Amazon at just Rs 873.

Here our list of 4 cool and best gadgets under Rs 1000 ends. Comment below to let us know whether you are going to buy these cool gadgets or not and also like our facebook page to get the latest tech feed on facebook.








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