We are surrounded by thousands of amazing tech inventions, but there are also some of the cool tech inventions with which we are not aware. We are most familiar with those tech gadgets which we see or use more occasionally, but what about those tech gadgets which are not known to us. I am going to tell you about 5 of those amazing tech inventions which are not known to all but they are definitely impressive


5 Amazing Tech Inventions
5 Amazing Tech Inventions

5 Amazing Tech Inventions You Didn’t Know

We see lots of astonishing gadgets in James Bond and science fiction movies and we wish to have those gadgets in our life too. We have reached to an era where we can actually have those amazing gadgets in our lives too. Let’s begin our list of those amazing tech inventions which you didn’t know.

1. Smart Ring

This ring is smarter than most of the smart gadgets available in the market. This ring can do many of the cool stuff like:

  • Unlock your Smartphones or tablets
  • Take your NFC enabled phone out of your pocket, slide your hand on the back and the NFC Ring can unlock it.
  • It can lock and unlock your door with ease. Just grab yourself an NFC enabled door lock.
  • It can act as the Shopping card to make your shopping easier
  • You can also use it as Parking card
Smart RIng: 5 Amazing Tech Inventions
Smart RIng: 5 Amazing Tech Inventions

You can buy this cool tech invention from Amazon at $30.99, Go and grab it.

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2. Vue: The Actual Smart Glasses

This is one of my most favourite tech gadgets and we have already posted a whole article about this cool gadget. You can read the whole article about the detailed specifications of this astonishing gadget here.

These smart glasses are much different and efficient from other smart glasses available in the market. Nobody differentiates between the usual glasses and these smart glasses at a glance.

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Some of the incredible features of this amazing tech invention are as follows:

  • You can find your Vue glasses with your phone with the Vue app
  • You can get the health reminders
  • These glasses can click photos for you
  • You can make and receive calls through these glasses.
  • It can also control your music.

You can buy these cool glasses on EnjoyVue.com at only $229.

3. NeverWet

You might be predicting something else with its name, but it’s actually a different tech invention. NeverWet is basically a spray which makes the things liquid repellent.

After spraying your stuff with this spray they will repel every liquid which will be applied to it.

You can see the working of this cool tech invention in the below video. This product is available on Amazon at only $14.

4. Bee – Fast and Secure Fingerprint Payment Device

Bee is the smallest and one of the most secure biometric NFC payment solution that can store up to 20 different payment, loyalty, membership, transit, and access cards.

This Gadget is equipped with a secure encrypted data chip, It is the most convenient and safest alternative to carrying bulky wallets

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This device doesn’t store the card details, but stores only tokens. You will get the biometric security with this device.

This Bee is available on their official website here at $49.

5. Myo Gesture Control Arm Band

This is the coolest and the most amazing gadget of our list. You have no idea about this groundbreaking tech gadget. It will change the definition of wearables.

Myo Gesture Control arm band is based on sensor technology that detect electrical pulses in your muscle and converts each gesture to a unique signal , that signal then can be used as a control instruction to your device, that device could be a PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, Drone, Robot or some other machines.

We have posted a whole article about the indepth review of this cool gadget, you can have a look on that article here.Also, you can purchase this dream gadget from this link.

That’s all on our list of 5 Amazing Tech Inventions.Let me know the ones(if any) which I missed. Please share this article with others too and also like our facebook page to get the latest tech feed on facebook.



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