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3 Hidden Google Secrets You Didn’t Know Existed-2

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Here I am with another part of Hidden Google Secrets which was promised. In the first part of 3 Hidden Google Secrets, we discussed some of the dark Google secrets which you were not aware. I will be covering off another 3 unknown Google secrets which might destroy your remaining trust on Google after reading previous part. I  tried my best to dig out more so that you will be more aware of your phone. Let’s start another trust killing part
3 Hidden Google Secrets
3 Hidden Google Secrets

Being the top search engine of the world, Google is always the first choice of everyone for searching anything on the internet. We rely on Google for most of our internet services such as downloading, browsing and now even payments. But sometimes we are not aware of the things which we are sharing with Google.

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3 Hidden Google Secrets

Time to reveal the another 3 unknown Google secrets. Let’s start our another list with the continuation of last part:

1. Shared Endorsement

Have you ever seen the reviews and ratings of your friends or the ones who are connected to you on some social media platform? Is it a coincidence or magic? No, neither of them. Its just because you and your friends allow every single app to tweak into your contacts, gallery etc.

There is a Google setting which is buried deeply in your phone, which is responsible for your reviews, ratings and comments visibility to others. Sometimes its actually a privacy breach, as it could lead others to track your activities which might get harmful.

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By default, this spying Google secret setting is enabled. but don’t worry, you can disable this  Google setting in just a few steps:

Go to Settings > Google > Personal info & Privacy > Shared Endorsement

Shared Endorsements
Shared Endorsements

You will found the details about Shared Endorsement. Scroll down to the bottom, you will find a Checkbox in the enabled state. Just disable this option to save your privacy.

2. YouTube Search

You may be thinking that “We all know about YouTube search”. But I can bet that you don’t know the YouTube search secret which I am gonna tell you in this Google secret.

We all have YouTube app on our phones, but we are not aware of some of its hidden secrets.

Whatever you watch on YouTube get stored in YouTube history of your accounts. But do you know that YouTube doesn’t only maintains your history but also shares with Google too?

Not only your “Watching” history but also whatever you searched on YouTube. Let’s uncover this unknown   Google secret too.

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Go to Settings > Google > Personal info & Privacy > Activity Controls > YouTube Search History

YouTube Search History
YouTube Search History

You will see the below screen on your phone. You can click on the “Manage Activity” option to know what you have searched on youtube. You can click on the toggle button(which is in the ON state by default) which you can see on the right upper corner of the screen.

Now Google won’t maintain your YouTube search history in your phone at least.

3. Ads Settings

Do you the term Personalised ads or relevant ads. Maybe not, but iI will be discussing that term as this is related to our last of hidden Google secrets.

Have you experienced the bunch of ads related to your recent product search of on the internet? These ads are called Personalised or Relevant Ads.

Sometimes they are quite helpful for those who really want to purchase something very desperately. But in most of the cases, these ads are frustrating.

But you can disable this tracking of your search, it feels like someone is following your traces.

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Go to Settings > Google > Personal info & Privacy > Ads Settings

Ads Personalisation
Ads Personalisation

Here you will see an  Ads Personalisation toggle button which will be in the ON state by default. Turn it OFF to get rid of those Personalised ads.

That’s all with our this article of Hidden Google Secrets. Let me know the ones(if any) which I missed. Please share this article with others too and also like our facebook page to get the latest tech feed on facebook.




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