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Top 6 Google Search Hacks of 2017

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About 3.5 Billions of Google search requests takes place in a day.  Even during your read of that sentence, about 2 lacs of searches might have taken place. Billions of people use Google for searching anything on the internet, even you may have reached this article by searching on Google. Even being a user of Google for so many years, many of you don’t know the search power of Google. We will be discussing 10 Google search hacks, which you don’t know to make you aware of the search power of Google



Let’s begin our list of Top 6 Google search Hacks of 2017

1. Advanced Search:

Sometimes it’s pretty hard to find the same results as we need in a Google search. We get a lot of unwanted website results on the top of the pages dues to their page rankings. But maybe these websites are not that much use to us, as they are for others.

There is an option of Advanced search in Google search settings through which we can get the desired(almost) search results.

During a Google search, go to settings > Advanced Search. You will find many options to filter your search results, which can be used to get the results according to your needs. Give it a try, you will definitely like it.


2. Related Websites:

Sometimes our curiosity takes us to explore something new. Similarly, sometimes we want to explore some similar websites to the ones we know.

But the question; How to do it? This Google search hack will allow you to do this kind of search. Just type the below keywords in Google search bar:


Type the name of the website for which you want to search related ones in place of “example.com”. Don’t forget to include the domain name in your search. Now you will have search results including only related results to your website.

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Google search related websites
Google search related websites

3. Search Operators

You can use some search operators to perform an exclusive search. Sometimes you need a search including the specified keywords and sometimes you don’t want to see some sort of search results related to your search.

When you want to see the search results including the specified keywords only, then use “+” operator like below

Techscoop + Geeky Scoops

When you want to see the search results, not including a keyword from your search from your search, then use “-” operator like below

Techscoop + Geeky Scoops

Give a try to this Google search hack to find its usability.

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4. File Type Search

Have you ever searched for some type of files related to some topics such as “Artificial intelligence ”? How do you search for those files?

I am gonna tell you a Google search hack by which you can get the files such as PDF, DOC etc related to your topic keyword. Just type “filetype” followed by your search keyword just like below

Artificial intelligence filetype: DOC

 5.  Asterisk Search

Sometimes we search for a phrase on Google, but we don’t find the exact results matching with our input. This is because of the page rank or the keyword optimization of the website on the top of the result. But it is sometimes not fruitful for us.

Again there is an amazing Google search hack by which you can get the exact search results matching your input phrase.

Just type the phrase you want to search in between the pair of Asterisk like below

*iPhone X Full Features*


You can perform this search hack in a different way too. You can replace a word with an Asterisk in your input phrase, You will get the combinations of different search just variating the “*’ with different words and the remaining words will remain same.

    *iPhone X * Features*

6.Cached Websites

I guess you all know about a cache. It’s basically a memory which stores some piece of information in it which was access by the user. When the user will again try to access the same information, then in spite of fetching that information from the source again, the information will be fetched from the cache memory.

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The Same thing has been done in the case of Google search. But what when you don’t have internet access? You can still access the cached copy of that website very easily.

Just click the drop-down icon on the website link just like in the following screenshot.


Now when you click the cached website, You will get see the website which was loaded before some time. In cached web page you might won’t find the new updates of that website.

These were the top 6 Google search hacks from our side. If you also have a list of Google search hacks, then please share with us in the comment section.






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