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3 Hidden Google Secrets You Didn’t Know Existed

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Beware! Reading this article might destroy your trust on Google, but you will be shocked after reading this article and will surely thank me too. We all make dozens of Google searches daily through our desktops or through our smartphones. But you don’t know about some of the deeply hidden Google secrets which even Google won’t like you to know but I have to make you aware of those dark hidden secrets of Google which might kill your trust on Google
We all know that Google is the Top search engine of this world. Billions of searches take place in a single day on Google. There are a number of hidden Google search tricks which we discussed in a previous article. But in this article, we will be exploring a dark part of your Google account from which you are not familiar.

Hidden Google Secrets You, Didn't Know Existed
Hidden Google Secrets You, Didn’t Know Existed

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What are Those Hidden Google Secrets?

Time to reveal those dark hidden Google secrets which we are talking about for a while in this article.

1. Every Activity on Your Phone is Tracked by Google

You Know, whatever you do on your phone is track by Google, I am not talking about searching in your browser(we will discuss this further in the article) but whatever you do on your phone. From using an app to whatever you do in that app too.

It’s quite weird to know that whatever you do on your phone is track by someone else. It’s actually like being tracked in your own home through CCTV cameras. You might be thinking that whatever I have said is just a hoax, but it’s actually not.

Let me aware you with the proof now. Go to  Settings > Google > Personal Info & Privacy > Activity Controls > Web & App Activity > Manage Activity. Now just scroll down your screen, You will see what you actually didn’t expect to be traced. Every single activity on your phone has been traced out by Google.

Web & App Google dark Secrets
Web & App Google Secret

Now the question is “How to stop Google From tracing yourself”. It’s not hard actually, just go to the Web and App Activity, you will see a toggle button in the top right corner of the screen. The toggle button will be ON by default, you will need to make it OFF to get rid of Being traced by Google.

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2. Voice Search Activity

“Ok Google” that’s what you say whenever you make a search using Google assistant. Do you know that whatever you say after “Ok Google” is also traced and stored by Google? You will be thinking that how is it possible to record without your permission, but this actually happens.

I will give a proof of this dark Google secret too.  Go to Settings > Google > Personal Info & Privacy > Activity Controls > Voice & Audio Activity > Manage Activity, You will see every search which you made through Google assistant is stored here.

You can listen to each and every search you made in the past, in this secret section.

Voice Search Google obscure Secrets
Voice Search Google Secret

Again, the question is; how to get rid of these voice tracking of Google Assistant? Just go to the Voice & Audio Activity, You will see a toggle button on the top right corner of the screen. It will be in the ON mode by default, just switch it OFF to get rid of being tracked.

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3. Your Location History

Do you always Keep your GPS ON?  then you might have observed a weird thing when you visit a place which is on Google maps. You will be suggested to add photos of that place or review that place on Google. Have you ever asked that question to yourself that how and why Google prompts you to add photos and reviews of the places you visit?

The answer of “How does Google know about your location?” is simply because of your GPS. Now the answer to “Why do Google track your location”, the answer to this question is pretty bitter but the truth.

Google always track your activities, It always makes a record of your location and the frequency of your visit to that place and much more to get as more details as it can get from you.

This is one of the darker from the list of dark Google secrets. As it doesn’t even locate your position all over the time, but also store your every location details.

Location History Google Secret
Location History Google Secret

You wanna proof of that too? Again go to Settings > Google > Personal Info & Privacy > Activity Controls > Location History > Manage Activity. You will find all of the traces of your locations in this secret area.

You can make it switch OFF in the same way as in the above obscure Google secrets cases.

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This is it with our Hidden Google Secrets list, But I will post the second part of this Article in a few days. Please comment below and let us know your reactions after reading this article. Please like our page on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus too.






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