Facebook has been flooded with fake news since past few years. Every Tom, Dick and Harry with a keyboard is inventing news that suits their agenda. Facebook in its crusade against fake news, is launching a new feature, that gives Context to users so that they can determine the authenticity of news source beforehand.

How is Facebook trying to curb Fake News?
Facebook has rolled up its sleeves to fight against fake news. FB has come up with a series of changes that will help to curb fake news. Most prominent of them are as follows:

Article Context

Additional context on the articles people notices in News Feed. “Article Context” is provided so that people could make an informed opinion about stories and if they want to read, share, and trust it. Article Context is a child project of the Facebook Journalism Project which was initiated for institutionalizing best practices in Reporting News and views on Facebook.

Facebook crusades against the Fake News using Context
Credit Facebook Newsroom


Facebook will give an “i” button on the post, this button will give the publisher’s information to the viewer, this information is populated from “Contexts” found on Wikipedia, trending articles, and similar articles about the topic.
If the information is unavailable then people can suggest relevance to the articles with contextual information. So, if the news is fake, it’s more likely to be shown up earlier as there will be no contextual information available with the publisher’s account.

Verified Profiles

Since 2017 Facebook has made it mandatory for people who manage a Facebook profile to prove their identity, as of now this is for new profiles only. This helped a lot in cracking down the troll accounts.

It may come as a surprise but there are governments who fund an army of trolls to comment in favor of Government policies, against the opposition.

The Russian government allegedly has a Web Brigade that comments on the Internet, posts pro-government views and fights off those who have different opinions than their sponsor.


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Censoring News Feed and Posts

FB is constantly making improvements to their Censoring system, the news links, the posts, images, videos are scrutinized for hints that might indicate that the post is either fake, offensive, advert or graphics.
Facebook categorizes and ranks posts and pages through its “edgerank” algorithm. This algo involves three major parameters,     Affinity Score,    Edge Weight, and Time Decay. Affinity Score involves the affinity of the post with the next person, if a person is on friend list or a follower of sharer then the Affinity Score will be higher.  Edge Weight is the linking and sharing factor

Facebook crusades against the Fake News using Context
Facebook’s Edgerank


AI Analysis

FB is using AI to scrutinize and analyze the news, it corroborates the news with the relevance it gets from other independent sources.  AI along with inputs from its Journalism Project ranks less authentic news lower and more authentic posts higher, it also flags down the posts for violating FB’s terms.

Impacts of Fake News

Fake News has become a goliath like a nuisance for common people and governments. A Fake News as the name suggests is an article, picture or any medium of information that is designed to misled people. There have been many incidences of “Fake News” around the world. Social Media platforms have been a major incubation of fake news. Advertisers, Political Activists, lobbyist and anarchist use Social Networking platform to propagate their agenda through the fake news.

Fake news is not a new phenomenon, it has been among media since its inception. Earlier there were just tabloids circulating gossips about celebrities and politicians, or some hoax about aliens. The agenda behind such actions were monetary or political gains. Regardless of agenda, there is no specific law against the propagation of such news.Most people can say anything against anyone and get away with it. Such news stories have a “Shock Value” associated with it, so even if a news sounds ridiculous people react to it and most share it just because it ‘fits’ their own set of ideology. The impact is no less than a disaster when it comes to fake news, there have been many incidences around the world that were initiated due to fake news.

In their newsroom article, Facebook mentioned that only 53% US citizens believe the news sources. And they are not wrong for not believing them. Facebook and many authentic websites and newspapers have been propagating news that is rather fake.

I am a Publisher with no Wikipedia page.

If you have a Facebook page and you use Facebook to promote or share your news you should follow these guidelines to post on Facebook and get your post higher in search results. The results mostly depend on how relevant your post is. If the post is relevant enough more people are likely to engage it, and this is the thumb rule for raising in the search result. Apart from post quality, you must adhere to the guideline time to time provided by Facebook.If you don’t have a verified Wikipedia page, do not try to create one just yet, as Wikipedia has an army of volunteers that scrutinize unreliable pages and links. Make your presence known if your articles or your blog has been a ‘Made platform’ or an event that has a Wikipedia page, use that to your leverage and then make a Wikipedia page about your website or blog. It will increase authenticity and you are less likely to be blacklisted by “edgerank”.

For the beginners, your best bet is to post verified and authentic facts only, do not sway yourselves with the glamour of “Shock Value” to bump articles. It may serve you now but it will harm your website in the long run. Look out for new updates that google and facebook release. We are also monitoring the newest updates from facebook and google about SEO and Article Rankings so you might want to subscribe techscoop.in.

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