Finally you have decided to root Your Android Phone. Maybe you have reached this decision after getting bored with your phone or you are just fed-up with the limited control over the settings of your Android phone. When you hear the phrase “Root Android Phone”, then you would have an image of a complicated concept. But You can easily root android devices without doing any PhD or so.
Root Your Android Phone Without Computer

What is Rooting?

Rooting is basically a process which let you tweak in all of the settings in your phone. You will be able to play with each of the settings which were not available before rooting.

We all have experienced loads of inbuilt apps which are almost undesirable in your phone. These are known as Bloatware. This Bloatware is undesirable as well as uninstallable. Yes, you can’t uninstall that Bloatware without rooting your android phone.

Rooting Your phone will definitely improve a number of things such as; your storage will be yours not of any Bloatware, Speed of your Android phone will definitely increase, also rooting your device will increase the battery life. You can find more benefits and risks of rooting here.

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Things to Check Before Rooting Your Android Phone:

  1. Backup of your data.
  2. Allow installation of apps from unknown sources.
  3. The battery is at least 50%.
  4. Internet connection is ON.
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How to Root Android Phone?

As I have mentioned in the title of this article, I am going to provide you with some simple steps to root your phone without using a computer.

We will be using Kingo Root Apk to root the Android device. Perform the following steps to root android phones:

Step1. Download the Kingo Root Apk from here. You might get a warning from your browser, click OK to proceed your download.

Step2. Install the Kingo Root Apk. If You have not allowed the installation of apps from unknown resource then you might see something like below


Installation block of Kingo root android apk
Installation block of Kingo root apk


You will need to move into the security option in settings and  then you will need to check the “Unknown Source” option like below

Allowing Installation from Unknown Sources root android
Allowing Installation from Unknown Sources

Step3. Launch the app and Click “One Click Root” as below to start rooting your android phone.

One Click Root android
One Click Root android

Step4. Now your phone is either rooted or it got failed. But there are several rooting methods integrated into Kingo root apk, however, it will only run one at a time.

Step5. Enjoy being the true Admin of your phone if your android root was successful. But if your process of rooting your phone was not successful then try again, as I have mentioned in the above step that there are several rooting methods integrated into this app and only a single one will run at a time. You can also root android phones using one click root software also.

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Risks of Rooting your phone

  1. Warranty of your phone will get void and manufacturer will not be bound to provide any facility of warranty.
  2. Malware can easily breach your security now. As you have taken the whole control of your phone in your hands, then you won’t get the security features which are provided by the Android. Now if you will install any app from an unknown resource, then this might infect your Android phone.
  3. Risk of losing your phone is more than the above risk factors. Rooting your phone might make your phone even dead.

You can find a number of risks and advice of rooting Android phones here.

How to Root Android Phones Without Risk

As I have mentioned the risk sticking with rooting Android devices in the above section, now let’s discuss the ways by which you can root android devices and also remain secured too:

  1. Install a good antivirus on your android device before rooting your phone.
  2. Beware of installing the apps from unknown sources. Try to stick with the play store apps.
  3. Don’t use the unknown networks.

That’s all folks. I hope you won’t kill your android phone while rooting. Comment below to let us know about the article and any questions regarding rooting your devices.



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