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A Cool App To Control Your PC With Smartphone

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Being wireless with your devices gives you more flexibility in using your devices. Have you ever tried connecting your smartphones to your PC wirelessly? If yes, then I can guess you have done that to transfer your files from one device to another device. Today, in this section we will be exploring a cool app to control your computer. This app will give you more power in your hands to control your devices wirelessly

Asus Remote Link
Asus Remote Link

We all have tried lots of apps on our phones, but there are certain cool apps which can actually give us the feeling of having a real “smartphone”.  We are going to dive into a similar kind of app which will make your device more powerful in terms of controlling other devices.

The App which is going to be explored in this section today is “Asus Remote Link”.  Let’s dive into this amazing and cool app to explore its features and working.

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Where to download this Amazing Cool App?

You can download “Asus Remote Link” app from play store by searching “Asus Remote Link” in the search bar of Play store. You can Download this app from this link also.


You can use your phone to act as a keyboard through this app. The stuffs you will type on the keyboard(available in this app) on your phone. you will also have a “speak” option also, which will function in the same way as the speak option on the android keyboard does. Basically, it will convert the words you spoke into the written form and you can send the same on the screen of your PC.

You will also get the “Asus Smart Gesture” screen on this app, which will function in the same way as the mousepad does. You will get the right mouse button as well as the left mouse button which will also work in the same way as the left and the right buttons of a mouse does.

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You can zoom in your PC screen also by using a slider on the screen. You can’t zoom out the initial screen which will be present while connecting with the PC.

This cool app can be a saviour for your powerpoint presentation. Yes, this app also has the feature to play with the slides of powerpoint. You can change the slides of your presentation in the slideshow mode. You will also get a funky pointer to point out the portions of a slide, (but this will need a gravity sensor in your phone).

One of the best features for the music junkies is its ability to dig into your PC’s multimedia library and act as the multimedia player controller. You can change the songs with on your PC with your phone, You can increase or decrease the volume of your PC, You can also change the media player from your phone too, You can put your media list on shuffle or repeat mode also.

The list of this cool app’s features doesn’t end here, You can use all these functionalities with your android smart watch. You can control the devices with your voice command

There is also a feature in this app which will help those lazy folks who are thinking that; if there will be any function which will let them shut down, sleep or restart your PC. Yes, this app will help those buddies of mine to remotely do all these functions. I am feeling like a hero now for those folks like me ;D.

How to Use This Amazing Cool App?

Using this app is quite simple. Firstly install the app from the link mentioned in the above section. Now install the app for your PC too from this link. After installing the app for both your phone and PC, then search for the PC to connect to your phone by wi-fi or Bluetooth as shown in the below image.

After the connection of your devices, you will see a number of option on your screen. The default screen will be of smart gesture about which we have talked earlier in this article. As you can see in the below picture you can see a smart gesture area and “L” and “R” buttons for left and right mouse buttons.

Asus Smart Gesture

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Now the second option is for PPT presentation. You can control the slide view of your presentation through this option. As you can see there is an arrow on the left side and an arrow on the right side. These arrows will help you to navigate the slides of your presentation. You will also get a pointer also while presenting a PPT through it on the presentation screen.

A cool app to connect your phone with pc
Presentation Area

Next option is a media player. You can see a number of options available in this option in the below image. navigate your media list through the buttons available on Left and Right of the screen. Also, you can change your player to play the media list of your PC.

A cool app to connect your phone with pc
Media Player

Next option will allow you to shutdown, restart, hibernate or sleep your PC remotely(my favourite one ;D). You can remotely shut down, sleep, restart or hibernate your PC by just tapping on the buttons visible in this option.

A cool app to connect your phone with pc
Power Control

That’s all with this app insights, I hope you liked the article.  Share this article with friends and family, Comment below if you have any questions.






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