Elon Musk has revealed SpaceX’s plan to Colonization of Mars. Real life Tony Stark has announced mind blowing deadlines for Colonization of Mars.  Humans will be a lot sooner on Mars than anticipated.
Interplanetary Transport System Concept
On the morning of 29th September, Elon Musk addressed International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide, Australia, where he announced framework of SpaceX’s plan for a lunar base and a permanent Mars Settlement.
Colonization of Mars has been a holy grail in Sci-Fi. We have been writing books about it, making movies about it and finally, we have a private company working in the capitalization on the prospects of a new world. Elon Musk can easily be called a realization of some Sci-Fi character from Isaac Asimov’s novels. He believed in something and now he is making his dreams come true. Elon Musk is a child who did not give up on his dreams.
Elon Musk Said in IAC conference, “The future is vastly more exciting and interesting if we’re a space-faring species than if we’re not, it’s about believing in the future and thinking the future will be better than the past.” Elon is a dreamer and we have no second thoughts about it that he will succeed.
Till now the SpaceX has been using Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy and Dragon model rockets, these are Two Stage to Orbit vehicle. These Rockets are used by SpaceX for various missions, SpaceX makes rockets that are reusable. The SpaceX has come up with a plan, this plan involves building a ship that can transport people from Earth to the Red Planet for Colonization of Mars.
In order to attain their goal, SpaceX is planning to diverge all their resources to build one single working Space Rocket, called the Interplanetary Transport System (ITS) or SpaceX’s BFR (BFR stands for Big Fucking Rocket, no joke, SpaceX named it.)

The Timetable for Colonization of Mars:

The timetable for initiation of colonization of Mars is particularly interesting, According to Elon Musk’s big plan, the Mars Colony will be started by the year 2022. SpaceX will send two rockets to the Mars for initial colonization using Robots, the second phase will involve Human Landing on Mars. By the year 2024, first humans are expected to set foot on Mars, by the time the Robots would have set up the Power, Mining, Life Support and other basic infrastructure that are necessary for Human Survival.

Here is SpaceX’s tweet, flaunting concept images of ITS.


Environmental Study: During this time the Robots will also gather potential hazards to Human Lives such as Shortage of Water, Temperature Differences, Seismic Activity, Solar Activity, Environmental Factors etc. The primary objective of the Mars Team on the Red Planet will be to establish a “Propellant Production Plant” to assist future flights to fly back to the Earth.
As this is a business venture, a proper utilization of the Rockets has been decided in advance. On its way to Mars, the BFR will be able to serve both, the International Space Station and the Mars Mission. By serving ISS and launching Satellites, the SpaceX will be able to collect funds for Mars Mission.
From previous research by Mars Land Rover, it is known that Soil on Mars is as thin as talcum powder so the space suits used by Astronauts on Moon Mission cannot be used on Mars Mission. So SpaceX has already designed a flight suit and yet to show a space suit for terrain expedition on Mars.

Earth to Earth Transportation System:

Elon Musk also revealed a commercial and more imminent, Land to Land transportation system using a scaled down version of current rockets. These rockets will fly at a speed of 27,000 kilometres per hour. The high-speed transportation will enable people to travel the largest distance possible on earth within an hour. A flight from New Delhi, India to Nevada, USA will take about 30 minutes.
The L2L transport system will contain scaled down versions of the ITS. Elon Musk announced 31 main engines and other equipment that are vital to multi-use, multi-purpose rocket systems. These systems will take frequent land to land and land to space flight systems.
Elon’s plan is not just an aspirational dream, it is also a business decision. In coming years many National agencies like China, Russia, India and the European Space Agency will fight for colonization of Moon, for the moon is next frontier. If you are aware of history, even a little bit, you know that colonization is what pushed civilization through dark ages to Modern times. Think of it as initial phases of Columbus’ efforts to find India, except we know where we have to go and how we can reach the Mars.
Question is who is going to be the first? Will it be a Government Aided agency or SpaceX? If it is SpaceX then we will be entering a whole new era of Civilization. In coming years if National Agencies fight for the Moon, the SpaceX will be there already to help them fight each other.
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