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World’s best Android Apps Organizer Application – and it’s FREE.

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LaunchBoard is an Android Apps Organizer that can search and list your apps and contacts efficiently with one click. It is free of cost, doesn’t have any ads or in-app purchases.
World's best Android Apps Organizer Application
Launch Board icon
Credits LaunchBoard

LaunchBoard Apps Organizer for Android

LaunchBoard comes with few but excellent features that just make your day. I used this app for the first time and fell in love with it. As an Android Developer, I have a huge collection of apps, for reference purposes and I found LaunchBoard very useful. You can get it from here.

Imagine an app organizer that can search both apps and contacts for you. I found an excellent app which is free with no ads, no in-app purchases whatsoever. We have reviewed apps that are useful for people in daily life, like Videoder for downloading videos, Show-Box to download movies etc. We believe that you will find this app very useful as well.

How many apps do you have on your phone right now, maybe 40 or more? If you have an Android then you have been enjoying free apps without any Android apps organizer. Sheer searching, sorting and management of the apps are cumbersome in itself.

Even if you are not an App hoarder like me you can use this app for frequent contacts and apps too. With folder separation (if you have that on your phone) you can keep apps organized but that too becomes tardy after 50 or so apps.

LaunchBoard is a substitute for app drawer of stock android. The concept, however, is rather new, it doesn’t present apps like App Drawer. Instead, the apps fly up a keyboard like a console. As you write in a couple of letters and the apps suggestion list fires up.

It’s like searching app in Android from the inbuilt App Search of Google’s Android, but more efficient. It makes accessing your most frequent or favourite apps more efficient. Now you don’t have to clutter your dashboard with a plethora of apps. You can just use this app and bookmark or search the app you need. The app is free without any advertisements or in-app buys.

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Features of LaunchBoard

LaunchBoard has few, but useful and absolutely mandatory features. A productivity app should not be difficult to use. I found LaunchBoard’s search even easier than Android’s default app search. The simple feature

Easy Launch:

LaunchBoard creates an icon for launching itself, just like any other app. You need to start this app and start typing the initial letters of the app you want to open. For example, you want to open Quora, and as soon as you type “Q” for Quora, a list of suggestion will pop up showing you all the apps starting with letter “Q”.

Easy App Launcher
Credits LaunchBoard

Search Apps – This lets you search apps starting with your input letter only. This feature is a simple index search, it searches only apps and apps alone.

Search Contacts – Search Contacts is just like app search, but for contacts. You can search contacts with the phone number, or without phone number as well. You have to go into settings to get the later behaviour.

Search Apps and Contacts – This feature lets you search both contacts and apps simultaneously.

Multiple Access:

As per design recommendations of google, it is absolutely mandatory that apps are intuitive. Developers of LaunchBoard kept this in mind while designing the interface. They even gave a widget option for accessing LaunchBoard.

Widget and Icon LaunchBoard

There are 2 ways to use LaunchBoard:
1. Launcher icon
2.LaunchBoard Apps Organizer Homescreen Widget

1. Launcher Icon

 Launcher Icon can be pinned in the bottom tray of phone’s home screen. Clicking on the icon will open up favourites. Click on the app that comes in the list way and you are good to go.

2. LaunchBoard Apps Organizer Homescreen Widget

Add the LaunchBoard App Organizer Widget to your home screen or second home screen. I suggest you add it to the second home screen so that it doesn’t look cluttery. The whole point of an App organizer is to remove apps from your phones home screen, so adding it to your home screen kind of defeats the purpose.

As you add the LaunchBoard Widget, you can see a keyboard like an object on the screen. You can go to settings on the gear icon in the bottom to change behaviour and look of the widget, for example, transparency, colour, theme etc.

On the top-right corner, you can see “Apps”  menu option. You can change this to “Contacts” or “Apps and Contacts”, by clicking on it. Choosing “Contacts” or “Apps” lets you search respective heads only. Choosing “Apps and Contacts” will let you search both apps and Contacts simultaneously.

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Pin Favourite, open app, uninstall etc operations

Apps Organizer
Pin favourite apps, delete or see info

You can also pin your favourite contacts and apps so that you don’t have to search them. Use LaunchBoard settings to see how you can customize the appearance and behaviour of the app. Long press apps and mark them as favourites to make accessing those apps even easier.

After Adding to your favourites, the apps will be available to you when you open the LaunchBoard. Apart from this, you can see the app info by clicking on the app info menu item. You can also see this app on play store by clicking the second icon from the bottom.

Comment below to let us know about the apps you think which should be in the “App of the week’ list. If you like this article, do share it with friends, family and colleagues.

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