Non Touchscreen Laptops can be converted into a Touchscreen Laptop using this simple-to-use , affordable gadget. 
As you already know that the Touchscreen laptops are ridiculously expensive. The Non Touchscreen Laptops with a similar configuration to that of their Touchscreen counterparts share most of Laptop market share. Earlier solutions for making a laptop’s static non-responsive screen to a responsive touchscreen were pretty ineffective. If you ever wanted a touchscreen laptop then you’d have to buy one. There is, however, a gadget that can turn tables in your favour. You can convert your regular laptop into a touchscreen laptop without spending a fortune using Airbar.

Neonode's AirBar Converts your Non Touchscreen Laptop into a Touchscreen in seconds
Credits AirBar


About AirBar, Non Touchscreen to a Touchscreen Laptop maker

Neonode's AirBar Converts your Non Touchscreen Laptop into a Touchscreen in seconds
Credits AirBar

A Swedish company, Neonode Inc has brought a portable plug and play device, the AirBar. This gadget can bring touchscreen functionality to ANY computer screen of standard sizes. Any flat-screen LCD / LED Laptop or Monitor is compatible with Airbar. You can have yourself a touchscreen without a cost of one.

There are two versions of AirBar, one for Macbook and other for PC. Although they could have made one for both, but it seems that interfacing and branding issues with Mac won’t let them release a single device.

The AirBar is a thin, streamline bar, it’s magnets attach itself to a monitor’s screen. The monitors must be of standard size, it supports three sizes, 13.3″, 14″, and 15.6″.  AirBar is a plug and play device, it means that you can just use it as soon as you connect it to your computer. It has USB Port for interfacing. After installation of the AirBar driver, the touchscreen starts to work within seconds of first connection.

When connected to a laptop or a monitor via a USB port, AirBar produces an AirBar high-frequency low-wavelength light field across your monitor. It senses the disruption in the high-frequency low-wavelength light field, due to gesture across the monitor. These disruptions help the Airbar to track movement and gesture control. This technology is  “zForce AIR™, and it belongs to Neonode Inc.

The movements and gestures are then converted into respective inputs. This helps the user to use gestures like touch, pinch, swipe, zoom, poke and scroll etc.  Apart from normal touchscreen usage, it literally converts your screen into a tablet-like device. You can flip pages, paint, play games etc.

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Installing the AirBar Touchscreen maker

Installing the AirBar Touchscreen maker is really easy. All you have to do is to place the bar nearly 3 mm below the screen, on the bezel. It has small magnets that can fit on the bezel, and you can just yank it on and off easily. Connect USB to the system’s USB and now you have yourself a touchscreen. You can buy extra magnets from AirBar’s website if you need to switch AirBar from one screen to another.

Neonode's AirBar Converts your Non Touchscreen Laptop into a Touchscreen in seconds
Installing AirBar
Credits AirBar
AirBar Touchscreen Laptop Sensor
Credit AirBar

Features of AirBar Touchscreen Laptop

  • Plug and Play: Attach the AirBar with the provided magnets to the bottom of bezel and start working
  • Compatibility: Win 8.1+ , Mac OS 10+
  • Touch Using Any Object: Touch with a finger, glove, paintbrush, stylus and more
  • Gestures: Tap, swipe, pinch, zoom and rotate
Input MethodFinger, gloved hand activation and brush (5mm diameter)
Display Size13.3”, 14” and
Supported15.6”, with an aspect ratio of 1 6:9
Size (width x height)12 x 5 x 373 mm (15.6”)
ResolutionReporting resolution 65535 x 65535 pixels (USB HID class)
Touch ActivationNo minimum touch
Forceactivation force is required


The official price of the Airbar 15.6″ is 79 USD, but it can vary depending on your location and taxes involved. In Asia Pacific region cost of the device on Amazon ranges from 98 USD to 117 USD.

Following is the promo video for the AirBar, so that you can have a good look of its features.


We like this device a lot, especially it’s portability. It helped us reducing our design time significantly and we would recommend you this product if you have a lot of design work at your hand.

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