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7 Hidden Features in iOS 11 Which You Won’t Like to Miss

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It’s been a month almost of iOS launch. iOS 11 is available with the newly launched Apple’s gadgets which were launched on the Apple’s anniversary in the new headquarters of Apple. These newly introduced Apple devices have some surprises for you. I am going to tell you about 7 hidden features of iOS 11


hidden features in ios 11

Even though newly introduced Apple’s devices have been criticized on their prices as well as on their unchanged looks and lately introduced the feature and that too at a huge amount. Let’s begin the list of 7 hidden features in iOS 11.

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1. Drag and Drop Words in iOS 11:

In iOS 11 you can’t only drag and drop the images, but you can also drag and drop the text. If you are writing message to someone and want to drag a piece of text from the message, you can do this in the latest iOS 11.

You can do this hack very easily, by just following a few simple steps to drag and drop the piece of text you want.

First of all highlight the piece of text you want to drag and drop to other location. Now drag that text from that place to where you want to locate it.

This hack works only within the same app and document on your Apple device.

2. Do Not Disturb During Drive in iOS 11:

This feature of iOS 11 is quite unique and different from other versions of iOS. Apple is making sure that you won’t distract because of your phone while driving.

iPhone will now detect when you will be in a moving vehicle. If you want to let your iPhone detect your movement, just enable “Do Not Disturb While Driving” mode.

iOS 11 Do Not Disturb Mode

To enable this mode just go to Settings > Do Not Disturb > Activate, then select “Automatically”.

Now whenever you will be in a moving vehicle, your phone will be in Do Not Disturb mode.

3. Facetime Live Photos in iOS 11:

Taking screenshots while on a Facetime call to capture some moments during a call is the old school thing. Now you can actually have live photos during Facetime.


ios-11-facetime-live-photos-hidden features in ios 11
iOS Facetime Live Photos

For this you will have to go Settings > Facetime > Facetime Live Photos. Just enable facetime live photos option to take live photos during facetime.

After enabling the “Facetime Live Photos” mode, tap the Shutter button during a Facetime call to take Facetime Live Photos.

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4. SOS in iOS 11:

Now you won’t need an Apple watch to use emergency SOS mode. iPhone can now call the local police stations and contacts of your choice from your phone during an emergency.

ios 11-SOS

You will need to press the “Power Button” five times to activate SOS. You can set your preference of Emergency SOS from Settings > Emergency SOS. You will have the option of complete the call or Do it automatically.

Now whenever you would be in any emergency, you will need to press the Power button 5 times to send SOS.

5.Shut Down without Power Button in iOS 11 :

If you have broken the power button of your iPhone, then you might wonder, how to turn off your iPhone? In previous iOS versions this feature was not available.

ios 11-Shutdown-without-Power-Button
iOS Shutdown without Power Button

You will need to go to Settings > General, then tap on the “Shutdown” option. Now your iPhone will get shutdown. Wait….Now, how to switch ON your iPhone? No worries, just connect it to a charger to make it ON. Whenever you will connect your phone on the charge, it will automatically get ON.

6.One-Hand Keyboard in iOS 11:

Sometimes it’s quite uneasy to type on your phone with single hand and it’s even more difficult when your phone’s screen is huge as in case of iPhone 8 plus.

Now you can customize your iPhone’s keyboard in iOS 11 to make it easier to type with a single hand. You can activate the one handed keyboard by two ways:


  •  Settings > General > Keyboards > One Handed Keyboard.
  •  Long press on the globe icon on the keyboard.
ios 11-one-handed-keyboard
iOS One Handed Keyboard

You can select from Right-handed keyboard or Left-handed keyboard and you can revert back to the original keyboard by following the same steps as above or tap the arrow button next to the keyboard.

7. Draw in Email in iOS 11:

Have you ever thought that you can draw in mail composition. Now you can do it in iPhones with iOS 11, You can draw anything in the mail composition and can send it right away to anyone.

While composing a mail just give a long-press on the composition area and then select “Insert Drawing’ from the pop-up.

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