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WikiLeaks leaked CIA Missile Control Project’s Top Secret Data “The Protego”

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Wikileaks leaked secret files of Project Protego, that is related to CIA’s missile Control Program. The new leak is a threat to US Security as it unearths internal functioning of the missile program.

The Leaked CIA Missile Control Project

In their series of leaks, the Wikileaks has announced a new leak that will leave the US Armed forces sleepless. Wikileaks has leaked Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) Top Secret Missile Control Project’s data in its vault 7 leaks. Every time Wikileaks unearths new documents, it puts security and effectiveness of CIA on the back foot. There are 37 related files that are leaked, name of the said project is Protego. The leaked document contains Proprietary Hardware and software manual of Microchip Technology Inc.
WikiLeaks leaked CIA Missile Control Project’s Top Secret Data "The Protego"
The Wikileaks
The project was running in 2014-15, and it was for a PIC – Based missile control system developed by Raytheon. Wikileaks stated that there was no indication why the project was not a part of default Vault 7 document base.
 Vault 7 was a collection of CIA manufactured viruses, malware, trojans etc. The said system is installed onboard a Pratt & Whitney aircraft (PWA) and equipped with missile launch systems that are capable of air-to-air and/or air-to-ground target.
According to the documents, The Protego had separate MicroController units that are used for communication and signalling over an encrypted channel with authentication.
It is worth noticing that US Defense Contractor, Raytheon is a 64000 workers company with  2015 revenue were 14 Billion USD while in 2016 they were 21 Billion USD. According to Raytheon’s own website, they specialize in Missile Defense, Command and Control, Sensors and Imaging, Cyber Security, Electronic Warfare, Precision Based weapons, Training, Mission Support.
Raytheon recently tested their SM-6 Anti Ballistic Missile successfully. The allied nations can buy this system from Raytheon as US DOD has approved the sale. According to the company’s claim, it is the only missile system that supports “Anti Air Warfare”, “Anti Surface Warfare”, and Sea Based terminal ballistic missile defence.
Raytheon’s Anti Ballistic Missile System
Credit Raytheon
The leak is particularly concern for Raytheon’s customers, especially US Armed forces as the systems have already been installed and operational.



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