Twitter updated their Terms and Conditions, if you have been accepting Terms and Conditions part without reading it, like millions others, then you better read this change.
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To best of our understanding, this change in terms and condition allows Twitter to Share, Reproduce, Distribute and promote your post or any part of that content on twitter to rest of the world. Twitter, of course, will do the same and may distribute or use your post however they like.
Twitter’s new T & C: You will give up your IP rights on your content by posting on Twitter.
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In earlier section of the same Terms and Condition Document you cannot share other people’s Intellectual Property, which is only fair. But that is not all, as soon as you share your post, it is you who holds responsibility for the content of that post, not Twitter. So all in all you are one hundred percent liable, and Twitter gets to use your post and also gets to make money off it.
Twitter’s new T & C: You will give up your IP rights on your content by posting on Twitter.
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When twitter shares your data with any company, organization or Individuals they can also use your data however they like. They can reupload it, call it theirs, circulate it and you cannot claim copyright on that post.
Wait , it is not finished, according to last part of the terms and condition, Twitter gets to remove anything which does not seems to fit under their Terms and Condition. So you get to have Intellectual Property Right claim on a content as long as you don’t post it on twitter, if some one else posts your content on twitter, you can ask them to remove it.
Many website and content producers rely on social media platform like twitter to share and promote their content. But it seems the ride is over now, you can not share your content if you want rights over it. But if you are sharing content that is open for all, you are good to go.




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