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Top 5 Illegal Hacking Android Apps

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Disclaimer: The Android Apps discussed in this article are seriously just for educational purpose. We don’t encourage any misuse of the android apps discussed in this article and if you use any of the app in any illegal matter then you will be responsible for it. We just want to aware you about the available hacking android apps

Our list contains various android apps which are for the illegal uses but in this article we will be discussing about the Top 5 illegal android apps which are for some kind of Hacking purposes. Let’s begin the list now

 1.Fake ID Card Maker

As you can guess the work of this dangerous hacking app. This app is used to create fake IDs in just few steps. You can create Aadhar card, PAN card, Credit card, License, College ID within a minute.
Top 5 Illegal Hacking Android Apps
Fake ID

 How To Use?

Step 1: Click on this link to install the app.
Step 2: Click on generate and select your template from the available templates for your id
Step 3: Now add the photo for which you want to generate the ID, fill details and wait.
Your Fake ID will be generated. You can even make the ID of your dog. But remember, don’t use this app for the illegal purpose.

2. I Hack You

This app is for those who are interested in Hacking and want to learn it. Hacking is emerging as the cool profession, but this is somehow illegal and dangerous too. This Hacking App is available on Android, Apple , Windows and Mac.
 Illegal Hacking Android Apps
I Hack You
This App can be used in an educational way too. You can even learn to prevent yourself from other hacking apps. You can learn a different tricks to use in your device. You can learn Android tricks for your phone as well you can use it for Tricking your desktop.
You can install this Hacking app from this link .after register on this app you can get the number of tutorials to perform some of the Hacking stuffs.
You will get the following tutorials in the app:
  •  How to safe yourself from hacking, and from different type type of attacks.
  • Shortcut keys for your Windows and Mac
  • Number of different commands for internet as well as social application
  • Google Tricks and shortcuts.
  • How to hide yourself from internet phishing
  • Android, Apple tricks and Tips.

    3. Temp Mail

    Have you ever wondered that whether you could signup on a website or on an app without providing your mail address, So that you won’t receive any further promotional mails from the website or app on which you register.

    Source: TempMail

    Sometimes you provide a fake email address to trick the website. But they are smarter than you think. They ask you to verify the mail by clicking the link in the mail they sent you.

    This app is the savior for those who want to sign up on any website or app without using your personal mail in use. This app is also a kind of dangerous hacking app as it could be used in sending the threatening mails to anyone. So carefully use this app, don’t use it in any illegal hacking purpose.

    How to use?

    You can install it on Android, Appstore or as Your browser Add on.

    • After installing the app or adding it as the add on the browser just open the app.
    • You will see there the temporary mail address of yours.
    • You can use that temporary mail address to use on any website or Apps registration.
    • You will receive the mails into it.

 4.Talk U

This app is more dangerous and can be termed as the illegal app to use. This app will let you call anyone in the world without using your original number. The number which will be shown on  the screen of the receiving end will be a fake number of some other country.
Source: Talk U
This app can be used to get the fake number of any country code. This will allow you to make calls anywhere without letting them know your original number. Its a bit of kind the app which we discussed in ” Use WhatsApp Without Using Your Number “.

 How to use ?

  • Install the app from this link
  • Register Yourself with any of your account
  • Now go to the “More” option in the lower screen of the homepage of the app
  • Click on the option”Get a Talk U phone number”
  • Now you will see the list of country. Choose the country you want. Then select the state of the country which you want to use
  • Now you will see the list of the available number of that country
  • Now click on one of the number. You will be asked to use 100 credit points to purchase that number. Don’t worry , You will get the 150 credit points at the time of sign up.
  • Now after purchasing the number get back to the “More” option in this option, go to the settings option in which you will have to enable the “Anonymous mode”
  • Now when you will call anyone through this app, the fake number will be visible on their screen, not the original one of yours

5.Talk Zang

This app is for the Miss call bombing. You can use this app to prank your friend. This irritating Hacking app can call more than 200 missed calls. You can fix the number of missed calls you want to do at a particular number.
Top 5 Illegal Hacking Android Apps
Talk Zang
You can also choose the duration of the miss call in the app. This app can be used for fun with friends but it could be irritating for others to get missed call bombing.

How to use?

  • Install the app from this link
  • Now just choose the number of the person to whom you want to send the miss call bomb
  • Now select the number of miss call you want to send on that number
  • Now select the duration of the miscall
  • The number you selected will be bombarded with the missed calls now.

The above app could be illegal and dangerous hacking apps. Be careful before using these apps. and use them on your own risk. We will urge you to use it just for the knowledge purpose.

Comment below to let us know about the above hacking android apps which

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