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Top 3 YouTube Hacks You Don’t Know Existed

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Do you still use a video or audio downloader to download YouTube videos and audios, Do you always wonder that how to repeat the YouTube videos without doing it by yourself, Do you want to turn youtube on your PC into the “YouTube” which it looks on smart tv. Then these Youtube hacks are for you.


Top 3 YouTube Hacks
Source: YouTube

Top 3 Youtube Hacks:

1. How to download YouTube videos without installing any downloader from the Add-ons:

YouTube is the second number in the list of top search engines used in the world. Google is on the top (Obviously). Millions of videos have been uploaded to YouTube and the number is still rising.

Many of us use the video and audio downloader available in the Add-ons list. But these downloaders are not necessary to download any video or audio from YouTube. One of the Youtube hacks will allow you to download any Youtube video without of any downloader. You have to just do the following steps to download any video from youtube.


Top 3 YouTube Hacks
YouTube Download Trick


Just go to the video which you want to download. Now just add “ss” before YouTube.com just like “www.ssYouTube.com/link of video“. Now you will be directed on a page where you will get the different formats of audio and videos to download. You can click on the available format to download it.

2. How to Set the YouTube Videos on Repeat Mode:

Sometimes we stick with a song or a video on YouTube and we want to watch that video, again and again, But how?.
There is a hidden hack to make the YouTube videos on the repeat mode. Again in this Youtube hack, you will have to just type a magical word to make this hack done. Follow the below steps to do it


Top 3 YouTube Hacks
YouTube repeat trick


Again just go to the video you wanna put on the repeat mode and in the address bar just type “REPEAT” after YouTube just like “www.YouTubeREPEAT.com/video link“. Now you will be directed to a different link where you will find the repeat mode as well as many others features also. This could be one of the best Youtube hacks for those who are addicted to Youtube.

3. How to Make YouTube Look like the Smart TV App:

Do you want to turn your YouTube into a cool looking App as it looks in the Smart TVs? This Youtube hack will change the whole look of YouTube. Yes you can do it by just doing the following step

Top 3 YouTube Hacks
YouTube TV

Again you will have to type a magical word to turn your YouTube into the Smart TV app. Just type “TV” after “/” like “www.YouTube.com/TV

Comment below to let us know how effective are these Youtube hacks and share this article with others too.






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