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Toolbox : Things you never have thought that your android could do.

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Today we are featuring Toolbox, an utility app for things you never have imagined that your android could do.
What do you do when you have to know the direction if you have android and buying compass is your answer then you are wrong. We are featuring an app that you can use for 24 things for which specialized tools are required. And these are basic tasks, but you can not move around with your toolbox.
You can get this app on your android from here.
source Toolbox

Features of Tool Box Android App

1. Compass – To measure Direction , you need to have a gyroscope in your phone for this
2. Leveler – Leveler is used for checking if surface is leveled or not.
3. Length measuring tools – There are various modes for this feature,
          a. Ruler Mode for basic Ruler like measuring.
          b. Measuring Tape Mode.
          c. Rate of Length Mode.
          d. Sweep Mode.
          e. Distance Mode.
The use of these features is self-explanatory, you can refer the help feature provided in app.
4. Protractor – To measure degrees, your camera will get enabled and you can measure 360 degrees measurement for shapes that can be sought from your camera.
5. Vibrometer – To measure vibrations, in your surroundings, or if you want to know there are rats in your closet , or if someone digging a tunnel in your prison.
6. Magnetic field Detector . If there are high tension wires around your home, or a mobile tower that concerns you, then this feature can be used for measuring magnetic fields around your home or office. Know if magnetic field is in safe limit.
7. Altimeter – to know the altitude , if you are outgoing type and want to know your height from sea level, you can use this feature.
8. Tracker – Ever since google phased out MyTracks this is my second choice for measuring distance walked.
9. Heart Rate Monitor – This is real people , not a prank , you have to put your figure on the flash light and start HRM, it will not consider real reading only when it gets stable reading for multiple times.
10. Decibel Meter – To know what is the sound level in your surroundings, beyond 80 decibels sound intensity is considered unhealthy.
11. Flash Light – just your regular flashlight
12. Unit Converter – It is a regular Unit converter
13. Magnifier – this is not very impressive, it is just camera with zoom in and zooms out feature.
apart from these features there are following features which are pretty much self-explanatory.
14. Calculator
15. Abacus
16. Counter
17. Score Board
18. Roulette
19. Barcode Reader
20. Mirror
21. Tuner
22. Stopwatch
23. Timer
24. Metronome
Apart from above 24 features, This app is also available in wearables so it beats many paid app that is available in playstore for purchase.
2source Toolbox
We have tried this app for very long and found it very useful, have you tried it if so, did you liked it or not, tell us in comments below.




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