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Smart Gadget : This tiny portable Printer can print Photos and Videos !

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This tiny portable printer allows you to print decent size photos literally anywhere.

Photos are now a need, not a luxury. We need photos for official work as well as for fond memories of our loved ones. If you are not comfortable with snapping out your mobile every now and then to see your loved ones, this printer is for you. Or if you frequently require photos for casual or general official purpose, even then this printer is for you.
Smart Gadget : This tiny portable Printer can print Photos and Videos !
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About Portable Printer

Not only this gadget allows you to take a printout of photos but also videos. You read that right! you can print videos. If you are being sceptical, you are not wrong, we couldn’t believe it when we heard about it first as well. But then we tried this out and voila, it does print videos, carry on ahead and we will tell you how it does that. 
The Lifeprint mobile printer provides good quality prints of your photos, it’s as small as a mobile so it’s portable. You can print Snapchat, Instagram Videos, FaceBook, GoPro Clips, Apple Live Photos, and even Animated GIFs. Lifespring’s Augmented Reality Hyperphoto is a trademark App of LifePrint photos. You can share photos and videos with Lifeprint’s built in social network and people can take print out of your shared photo or video.

Printing Photos

Printing photos are really simple, just take out your iPhone or Android and start Lifeprint’s Augmented Reality Hyperphoto App. Take a snap and select print or share, print command will start printout of snap and sharing will share it to people with the Hyperphoto app, or other platforms.

Printing Video

So how do you take out a print of a video? You shoot a normal video using this app, select a frame as title or display frame. Afterwards, you just click on print option provided on the top right corner. The App is Augmented Reality enabled so whenever you hover your phone’s camera over the photo it will start a video as an Augmented Reality video over the photo. It is amazingly effective and looks very cool.


Device Specifications


Finally the cost, this gadget costs around 125 to 130 USD depending on where are you buying it from. Apart from the printer, you have to buy its accessories and printing papers which cost around 25 to 50 USD. Since it can print only 10 units per cartridge we were pretty disappointed by its printing performance but hey, what can you expect from a colour pocket printer? 
So for minimal use, this printer is good for hobbyists and for urgent photo purposes, there is a slick social media associated with this product which is cool. So, in conclusion, a good product but a tad expensive. 
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