It’s confirmed, Sarahah uploads contact list to their servers.

Sarahah uploading your contact list to their servers
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Sarahah Exposed

A senior security analyst at Bishop Fox Mr Zachary Julian stumbled upon an unusual network traffic on his Galaxy S5. When he took a deeper look using network monitoring software “Burp”, he realised that the data is being sent to  Mr Julian tested the same against different versions of Androids and iPhone and found out that Sarahah upload data regardless of your permission, and it does it on regular basis.
The story was first broken by The Intercept , who tried to contact Sarahah but got a cold shoulder. When the news started circulating on social media, Only then Zain al-Abidin acknowledge the existence of such mechanism, he also mentioned that he was unaware of the mechanism and thought that this functionality was removed by his former partner, which he apparently didn’t do. Zain al-Abidin has assured that this feature will be removed in next update, and collected data will be deleted. Although we don’t have any way to verify his claim unless his former partner comes forth, and a watchdog is placed in Google to monitor such activities.
Although most apps are doing it ( uploading your data), but they do it with your consent. It is worth researching that how sarahah is able to upload Your address book without your consent.  In today’s world information is wealth, there have been 10-50 million installs of this app in just PlayStore. Your Address Book is not just your phone numbers, it also contains much more information than that, like email and photos.
This issue has been sought in androids earlier than 6.0, from Marshmallow onwards you can deny access to requested resources.



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