After 39 continuous success the ISRO’s PSLV launch got failed due to the tip of rocket which got failed to open and the satellite in it got trapped

India's Workhorse Rocket Fails to First time in 24 years
ISRO Satellite Launch
  The most successful space research organization in satellite launching got failed first time in the 24 years during the launch of the PSLV satellite.PSLV successfuly took off from SDPC(Satish Dhavan Space Centre) at 9:30am ET. But after 12 minute after the take off the rocket’s altitude was lower than the expected altitude. It was noted that there was something wrong with the satellite after 12 minutes. Afterwards ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) confirmed that the satellite launch was unsuccessful. The Failure was due to the tip of the rocket, which got failed to open to separate the satellite from the rocket. As the nip of the rocket could not get open at the time, hence the satellite could not be placed into the orbit.
The ISRO gave the following statement on the failure

The C39 launch vehicle had a problem, heat shield was not separated. As a
result of that the satellite is inside the heat shield and now we have to go through the analysis of this failure

In the last 24 years the PSLV had 41 launches without of full failure. There was a bit of problem in 1997, but that was not a total loss as the satellite got placed in the orbit.But this one bears the total loss because of the satellite placement failure in the orbit.
A few month before the ISRO successfully launched 104 satellites and that was a world record. It was the first time that 104 satellites were launched successfully at a single time and that too without of any single satellite failure. ISRO is also having some of the important launches in future but this satellite failure could make some changes in the launches.
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