Have you ever faced a scenario in which you want to share your wifi password with someone or you want to use the same wifi for your other devices, but you don’t remember the wifi password. This Hack is to overcome this tragedy.

It’s a very familiar condition when you feel much helpless when you don’t even remember your own wifi password or it’s been made protected by your parents or elders.
 Your elders do not let you know the password of wifi, instead, they put the password by themselves and don’t allow you to peek in the password field.So that you won’t be allowed to use that password in your smartphones or other devices. But this Hack gonna make you see the saved password on your PC to use it further.
You can watch the following video for the tutorial or can follow the following steps  

  • Search for the command prompt in search bar by just typing “cmd” in the search bar.
  • Now right click on Run and now click on the “Run as administrator”. Remember that, this hack will not work until you run it as administrator because it will need admin permissions to run the command.

How to See the Saved Wifi Password in Your PC

  •  Now type command “netsh wlan show profiles“. Take care of the spaces between the words.

You will be having a list of saved wifi in your system on your computer screen. as in the below screenshot, you can see a number wifi whose passwords are saved in your system.

How to See the Saved Wifi Password in Your PC
  •  Now type the name of the wifi with “key=clear” whose password you want to know following the command such as “netsh wlan show profile KenstarAC key=clear “.

 Note: Again take care of the password and also on the word “profile” as it is without ‘s’, so if you paste the same command from the above step as they look similar so take care of the extra ‘s’.

  • Now you will be able to see the password(key) 
How to See the Saved Wifi Password in Your PC

Remember that this is just an educational tutorial, don’t use it otherwise. Comment below to let us know how did you find the above hack.




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