Maybe I am a bit late to share this hack with you guys, but something is better than nothing. Today I will be showing a hack by which you can “hack” the Flipkart big billion sale or Amazon great Indian sale. Wait…I am not going to deliver any instructions to hack Flipkart or Amazon ;D. I will provide a hack for these sales, that is you will surely get the product which you want to purchase from this sale.


How to Hack the Flipkart Big Billion Day and Amazon great Indian Sale


This month is of season sale of the giant e-commerce companies. Flipkart big billion day sale is from 20-24 September and Amazon great Indian sale is from 21-24 September. You will see a fight between these two giants to make a successful completion of their sale.See Also  10 Ways To Speed Up Android Phones and Tablets 

There will be some of the products on your list to buy from these two sales. But are you not certain with your luck or timing to grab those products from the sale?
Don’t worry about your luck or timing. I am gonna tell you about one of the Google Chrome extensions which will make sure that you will get your product surely. Let’s have some lights on that Chrome extension with a tutorial:
  •  Open the Chrome browser in your PC, Now click the three dots on the top right of the window. You will see the option of “More Tools”. Click that option and then click “Extensions”.
  • Now in search bar type “Price Tracker”. You will see the following interface on your screen.


How to Hack the Flipkart Big Billion Day and Amazon great Indian Sale



  • Now, add the first extension from the above list to your Chrome by clicking the button “Add to Chrome” on the right side.
  • You will see that a new icon has been added to the menu bar
  • Click that icon. You will see the list of products.



How to Hack the Flipkart Big Billion Day and Amazon great Indian Sale
  •  As you can see there are number of products which are on sale on both Flipkart big billion day sale and Amazon great Indian Festival. You will see the different products from the top e-commerce companies.
  • As you can see the check boxes right to the product for sale.
  • Click on the check boxes of those products, which you wanna purchase.
  • Make sure that your system time is correct, and also that you are logged in.
  • Open the page of the product you have been registered in your Chrome browser at least 30 minutes prior to the live sale.
  • Make sure that the “price checker” extension is enabled
  • Be ready with the checkout details such as address, payments etc.
  • If possible, then set a default address for your product shipment, that will help you in quicker checkout.
  • When the time of sale is ON, Your product will automatically be added to your cart.
  • Now you can checkout with your details.
You can also enable the Auto Checkout option in “My Account” section to go to the payment page directly.See Also  5 Amazing and Needed Facebook Tricks 2017 


How to use price tracker for Mobiles flash sale?

 You can also do this trick to purchase the Mobiles from so-called “Flash Sale”. For that you will have to follow the following  steps:
  • Make sure you have registered for the flash sale through the website or app.
  • Now at least 30 minutes prior from the sale add the same product from the price tracker extension, just as in the above case.
  • Now after adding the product go to the product page for which you registered.
  • Make sure that you have logged in with your account.
  • Prepare your details prior to the sale being live.
  • In the same way, your product will be added to the cart automatically. Now you can checkout without much hassle.

If you are having any problem with the above steps, then don’t worry i have also created a video for the above tutorials but as i can’t wait for the sale to begin to demonstrate the whole tutorial, unless it will be worthless hence I have made the video for demonstrating you the steps you will have to do while using the above extension.

I hope you liked the tutorial and will grab your product from the sale. Best of luck for the sale

Comment below to let us know about the tutorial.

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